September 7, 2022

Announcing Jerwood Staging Series 2022

The exhibition and events programme has been a career-defining platform for early-career visual artists and curators in the UK for over 18 years, and an important pillar in the work of Jerwood Arts. Jerwood Staging Series 2022 invites artists to present new live event-based commissions across the gallery spaces, embracing the support for experimentation and audience encounters that has been at the heart of this programme.

This final Jerwood Staging Series will bring some of the most exciting new work from across the UK to London audiences. Curated by Jerwood Arts, we invited leading visual artists from our Artist Adviser network to nominate exceptional early-career artists to create a one-off event-based commission at Jerwood Space.

The four commissioned artists/collaborations are:

  • Friday 28 October | Rieko Whitfield (nominated by Harold Offeh)
  • Friday 11 November | Ashanti Harris (nominated by Nicola Singh)
  • Friday 25 November | Samiir Saunders (nominated by Antonio Roberts)
  • Friday 9 December | Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau W Beakhouse (nominated by Kelly Best)

In an update earlier this year, Lilli Geissendorfer, Director, spoke about Jerwood Arts decision to bring the exhibition and events programme at Jerwood Space to a close at the end of the year, allowing it to redirect over £1m to early-career artists and curators, galleries, and visual arts organisations in the UK over three years from 2023. Refocusing our funding in the visual arts will increase opportunities for the most outstanding early-career artists and curators to develop their imaginations and pursue their passions at a pivotal moment in their careers.

Lilli Geissendorfer, Director of Jerwood Arts, says:

To bring this era to a close, we want to look forward and celebrate with a series of special events that reflect what the exhibitions and events programme at Jerwood Space has done so well throughout its history: support earlycareer visual artists to experiment and make new work on their own terms. Identifying and nurturing early career artists will continue to be at the heart of our work. From 2023 all of our exhibitions will take place in partnership with galleries across the UK.

Harriet Cooper, Head of Visual Arts, says:

We are hugely excited to invite Ashanti Harris, Rieko Whitfield, Samiir Saunders and Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau W Beakhouse to present new work for the final Jerwood Staging Series this autumn. Their practices explore performance, poetry, storytelling, music and language; offering interruptions and speculations on our individual histories, experiences and relationships to the world around us. As our final commissions for the exhibitions and events programme, we are thrilled to bring together audiences at Jerwood Space this autumn to encounter some of the most captivating live work from across the UK.

Jerwood Staging Series 2022 will be free to attend, with tickets available to book from Thursday 6 October 2022.


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Samiir Saunders, Cut & Mix (performance), 2021, Image by Charlotte Jopling