November 23, 2021

Announcing the 1:1 FUND Awardees

The 84 awardees include artists, curators and producers working in literature, music, performing, visual and contemporary arts, representing a broad range of practitioners at an early stage in their careers from across the UK:

Tina Dempsey and Kerry Tenbey Ngoma Project
Éanna Mac Cana and Moon Paw Print Joe Mbala and Sheiyh Joseph-Loftman
Holly Stevenson and Ingrid Berthon-Moine Antonia Georgieva and Aida Rocci
Flavia Pinto and Josephine Birch Tolu Oshodi and Jenny Boat
KV Duong and Hoa Dung Clerget Marie-Claire Lacey and Adam Stearns
Tina Rogers and Samantha Dinsdale-Brown Karen Maxted and Gemma Petrie
Bridie Jackson and Becci Sharrock Jem Henderson and Chris Cambell
Natascha Young and Oscar Cass-Darweish Belén L.Yáñez and Mike De Lis
Becky Horne and Anna Dighero Alex Billingham and Rosanna Cook
Katy Cole and Iris Priest Irini Bachlitzanaki and Georgia Stephenson
Crayola the Queen and Stamatios Kouloridis Demi Nandhra and Rafia Hussain
An*dre Neely and Moa Johansson Graham Martin and Brooke Palmieri
Peony Gent and Molley May Bob Bicknell-Knight and Rosa-Maria Nuutinen
Joseph Aldous and Piers Black Dominika Kieruzel and Teddy May de Kock
Leila Gamaz and Jessica El Mal Helga Dorothea Fannon and Megan Garrett-Jones
Kelly Sweeney and Martyn Riley Olga Macrinici and Rita Suszek
Lisette May Monroe and Adrien Howard Bibo Keeley and Debby Forsyth
Reece Griffiths and Ellie Towers Lucy Haighton and Allison J Carr
Hannah Sands and Rosanna Suppa Ajla Yi and Lxo Cohen
Joseph Clowser and Elle Dillon Reams Roisin Agnew and Rosa Abbott
Rachel Jones and Maegan Icke Penny Klein and Rose Dagul


The 1:1 FUND offers a £2,000 grant per collaboration, designed to offer an injection of support for two artists who may have an existing collaborative practice or would like to explore a new collaborative idea together. We are pleased to announce 42 pairs today, nine more than we originally planned to support through the 1:1 FUND.

Our aim was for this funding to enable the awarded pairs to connect, develop their practice and generate new ideas, without the pressure of a fixed outcome. Their ideas range from undertaking new research to kickstarting new creative processes, skills sharing and methods exchanges, to joint self-directed mini-residencies. Many focus on deep artform specific practices and expertise, and a significant number look to bring together their different disciplines in potentially transformative ways. We are thrilled to work with and support these 42 collaborations over the coming months.

Awardees and their plans include:

  • Crayola the Queen and Stamatis Seraphim, who will work together to write original songs for theatre and cabaret
  • Tawanda Mapanda and Takudzwa Mashonganyika, who will be using the 1:1 FUND to develop their Ngoma Project, focused on fusing African and Western music styles and instruments
  • Helga Dorothea Fannon and Megan Garrett-Jones, who will be exploring women’s experiences of caring and how this has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through poetry and moving image
  • Bob Bicknell-Knight and Rosa-Maria Nuutinen, who will be using the 1:1 FUND to undertake initial research into digital worldbuilding and the development of physical and digital artworks in relation to this.
  • Ajla Yi and Lxo Cohen, who will be using the 1:1 FUND to support five days of testing and experimenting with creative writing and storytelling ideation.
  • Olga Macrinici and Rita Suszek, who will work together to share and explore skills and techniques in drag performance, dramaturgy and directing.

You can find out more about each of the 42 awarded collaborations here.

Piloting a new approach, the 1:1 FUND collaborative pairs were determined by a random number generator and an eligibility check of the randomly selected applications by the Jerwood Arts team. Jerwood Arts have been a part of wider discussions across the arts sector about the need for more sustainable funding processes for freelancers. Conscious of rising demand, the unpaid labour of application making, the pressure to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants, and the growing determination across the sector to improve the diversity of who applies and who gets funding, the Jerwood Arts team investigated alternative approaches and developed the 1:1 FUND in response.

We have been documenting our learnings about this pilot and have commissioned four texts about the potential and limitations of random selection which we will be publishing next week to continue the conversations.

For more on our approach to the 1:1 FUND and the selection process:

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