Adam Moore

Adam Moore is an interdisciplinary artist exploring themes of multiculturalism, unity and resilience.

Applying embodied processes across various disciplines, Adam investigates emergent transdisciplinary forms and their potential to amplify and transcend meaning. Using dance, writing, drawing, collage, sculpture, video and sound, he explores how transdisciplinary practice entails a deeper understanding and synthesis of experience.

He limns poetics and theories of sustainability through his practice, inviting others into new ways of perceiving and connecting, through performance and artistic collaboration.

Adam sees sustainability as a life-cycle of trial and improvement, enquiring personal and collective exchanges across cultures, identities and experiences. Sustainability explores how these exchanges soften hardened institutions and attitudes, and at the same time reveal alternative ways for life to thrive more fully.

Adam Moore, Haarlem Artspace Collectivism Residency 2019. Image: Hayleigh Longman