Aimee Harrison

Aimee Harrison is a curator and producer from Liverpool.

“I see my approach to curation rooted within social practice models; to care for people’s experiences and hold space for creative responses to those experiences. Whilst outcomes for such projects often have object results, I am interested in the complexities of how this work is exhibited, through community or institutional settings and the difficulties that arise from those choices. How can we extend the care given during the process into care given in the sharing of such projects? I wish to examine the role of curation within this shift and how as the carer and custodian of these community groups and their stories we can ensure such projects are delivered with care and diligence with the most vulnerable people.”

Currently working as Curator of Learning at Liverpool Biennial, Aimee had previous roles at Heart of Glass and FACT Liverpool. Her curatorial practice is shaped by people and frameworks of care. She is interested in intersectional working-class culture and its representation within organisational structures and programming.

Using methodologies of storytelling, spoken knowledge and shared narratives she focuses on using art as a lens to understand the world, allowing for critical thinking, problem solving and radical dreaming of alternative futures. She has produced projects working with people from different communities including children and young people, older adults, women and non-binary people, people with experience of addiction and recovery and people within the criminal justice system.


Image courtesy of artist