Alice Malseed

Alice Malseed is a writer and theatre maker from Belfast. Recently her play Jade City was presented at the Bunker Theatre, produced by View From Here.

Alice’s credits include BILLY (co-written with Sarah Gordon, short-listed for the Dublin Fringe Festival Spirit of Wit Award); Tongue, developed with Lyric on the Lyric Theatre NewPlaywright’s Programme and Better Than Ever Before – a collaboration with a Sri Lankan-based writer for the British Council Colombo. The critically acclaimed it’s getting harder and harder for me and Jellyfish are her two previous successful collaborations with the theatre director Sarah Baxter.

Alice is part of BBC Writersroom Belfast Voices development group and her series PILLS is currently under development.

The Jerwood New Work Fund will support Alice to carry out research and development exploring a bold re-imagining of Lysistrata, based in Belfast. The new production, inspired by the Greek play, will explore the political and social power of women in Belfast, examining how energy, passion, anger and emotion affect life in patriarchal society. This work will enable her to make a step-up in scale, experiment with form and to work with music for the first time. Alice will work with her long-time collaborator Sarah Baxter.


Alice Malseed. Image: Arts Council Northern Ireland.