Andrea Ling

Andrea Ling is a director, writer and interdisciplinary artist.

As British-Bolivian-Chinese, her identity has inspired her artistic lens and practice. Her work advocates for social change and investigates global issues, culture and identity.

Recently, Andrea has been focusing on exploring the climate crisis from the perspective of Andean and indigenous culture in the Americas. This includes working on a commission by Good Chance Theatre to create a sound/touch installation with plants, with the aim of rekindling our relationship with nature, a connection that Western culture has lost.

The Live Work Fund will enable Andrea to develop a new outdoor performance piece, which has been inspired by indigenous teachings, ritual and ceremony. It aims to bring to the forefront, the knowledge that has almost faced erasure by the global North and is currently missing from climate crisis discussions. The time and support from the fund will enable Andrea to present a radical rethinking of how transformative theatre can be and its profound impact on local communities.

Andrea Ling


Andrea Ling, photo by Yannick Lalardy