Becky Horne and Anna Dighero

What drew you to each other’s practice?

We have different backgrounds in training but are driven to work together due to shared interests, in practicality, physical efficiency, the outdoors & Contact Improvisation. We like dancing and other forms of moving. We also share an acknowledgement that our dance practices sit within a wider personal context and value a lightness in the way that we work. We have previously collaborated on Audio Hugs, a series of short audio guides for how to give & receive something like a hug when there isn’t a hugger around.

How will you use the 1:1 FUND?

We will use the 1:1 FUND to develop as collaborators through a contact practice. Investigating ways to maneuver and share weight, using previous individual experiences in contact work and bouldering techniques.

Why did you choose the idea you will be working on?

We collaborated remotely during the pandemic on an audio project about touch. This led us to question, after so much physical space, how can we dance together now? What are our concerns and fears surrounding contact work? How can we reawaken our kinaesthetic knowledge? After what feels like a break, what are the transferable skills we have been nurturing, that might make this transition easier?


Anna Dighero is a dance artist and climber. Her movement practice is informed by text, video editing and soundscapes. She is interested in functional and score-based movement, humour and reducing hierarchies within creative spaces. Anna has an ongoing collaboration with US artist Kati Payne ‘Anna and Kati Work Together’, exploring structures for togetherness. She is a member of Next Artist Collective at Siobhan Davies Dance, produces the online scratch event ‘Whoop Whoop’ and climbs with the Brixton Climbing Club.

Becky Horne is a UK based freelance dance artist. She is invested in collaborative processes, improvisational practices and site-specific work, and amongst other things enjoys exploring physicality, efficiency and stillness. With a focus on wellbeing, her work often centres around togetherness, touch and connections with our environments through sensory experiences. Her recent multimedia dance and movement work WEATHERING, commissioned by We are the Minories, questions how our environment touches us through our physical experience of the weather. Becky is currently a young associate artist at Swindon Dance, and a member of movement collective Salvage.




Anna Dighero and Becky Horne. Image: Sophie Holland
Anna Dighero and Becky Horne. Image: Sophie Holland
Anna Dighero and Becky Horne. Image: Sophie Holland