Dickson Mbi

Dickson Mbi is an award-winning Hip-Hop dancer, best known for Popping which plays an integral part of his work.

Dickson has been nominated for Best Achievement in Dance, UK Theatre Awards 2017, Outstanding Male Performer & Emerging Artist, National Dance Awards, Times Breakthrough Artist and South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2018 for his work with Russell Maliphant Company and Boy Blue Entertainment.

He founded the Dickson Mbi Company alongside producer Farooq Chaudhry, which focuses on developing a unique form of expression fuelled by the desire to unite and create through the human experience. As co-director of Fiya House, he is passionate about encouraging the next generation of UK dancers.

The Live Work Fund supported Dickson to develop his choreographic processes with an animator/multi-media artist to amplify storytelling and discover external visual references that could translate internal ideas into embodied movements.

In 2023 Dickson was awarded the Jerwood New Work Fund, this fund will support the creation and presentation of Dickson’s new company work ‘Tellus’.

When asked what he was looking forward to about his Jerwood New Work Fund project, Dickson said

This will be our first company group work, which we are all very excited about and I hope we can bring that excitement to everyone that’s with us on this journey.

Dickson Mbi Trailblazer Starter 2017-18, image by Foteini
Dickson Mbi, image credit: Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones