Emily Nicholl

Emily Nicholl is an Edinburgh-born circus artist whose most recent work includes performing with Ockham’s Razor in award-winning Tipping Point, an all-female performance with Mimbre for Dior and a new duet with Nathan Johnston. She has worked as Assistant Producer with the #Pianodrome, an ampitheatre made from upcycled pianos.

Emily is interested in finding narrative through movement in the spaces between physical disciplines.With a background in environmental education and politics, her larger research interests lie in our connection to the outdoors and how women and female-identifying athletes are represented in rock climbing.

Emily’s Jerwood Bursary will enable her to attend a training event run by the Federation of Scottish Theatre focusing on producing and international touring, and also enable a period of supported mentorship from established producers in the industry. As an emerging producer she hopes to champion physical work in Scotland.


Emily Nicholl. Mark Dawson