Emma Dove

Based in rural Scotland, Emma Dove makes films and installations, collaborating with artists, musicians, academics and scientists. Hidden stories are at the core of her work with a current research interest in cross-cultural death practices and taboos.

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Previous projects have explored relationships to place, notions of home and personal memory, engaging with local communities to create immersive works layering long-take video, voices and field recordings. Completed works have been presented at exhibitions and festivals in the UK, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Emma’s Jerwood Bursary will support a new experimental photography series that will explore cross-cultural death practices, beliefs and taboos. Emma will engage with experts in arts, science and academia, and develop new photography techniques to react to research themes of personal decay, biological material, transience and remains.


Emma Dove, Tending towards a state of chemical equilibrium. Image: Courtesy of the artist.