Figs In Wigs

Figs in Wigs make semi-epic, genre-bending performance that sits somewhere just outside of live art, music, theatre, comedy, and dance.

Their work is recklessly joyful, highly visual, and unashamedly revels in tackiness and trashiness. With an irreverent sense of humour Figs In Wigs use puns, bad jokes and pop culture references to charm and disarm audiences of all ages.

Throughout 2021 Figs In Wigs will be using the Live Work Fund to develop and perform a number of projects. Big Finish is a new interdisciplinary performance project about cycles, science, the death of theatre and the end of the world. Astrology Bingo, an interactive cabaret game show where each player’s birth chart becomes their unique bingo card. Through live and online events, audiences all over the country will be invited to count their lucky stars with the chance to win big. They will also be writing their first LP as a high concept low-skill. Arthouse, poop (sic(k)) music band.

Figs in Wigs are Rachel Gammon, Suzanna Hurst, Rachel Porter, Sarah Moore, and Alice Roots.

Figs In Wigs

Figs In Wigs, image credit: Toby Williams