Harry Górski-Brown

Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist Harry Górski-Brown studied violin performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland during which gravitated towards experimental composition.

He often includes elements of electroacoustic and traditional music in his work. Recent ventures include; I.Been a badboy:- cut me loose_ – a short audiovisual film made after winning the Craig Armstrong Prize for RCS composer graduates and FISHER PRICE PIPES – a mix of two old Gàidhlig songs set for voice, small pipes and electronics.

Current activities include Elephant, you shake your sheep! – a commission with French artist Annabelle Playe for Cryptic, Glasgow featuring bagpipes and electronics, and a tape for Glasgow-based label GLARC featuring small pipes and some old Gàidhlig songs. FRIENDLY BOOTS sometimes makes an appearance and has previously taken part in the nonclassical Battle of the Bands. HGB produces music in two duos; Josiah & Ludwig – a fiddle and guitar folk duo rooted in the contemporary, and noise.pocket – a blender mix of electronic and visual stimulation with wordsmith Paddy Hog.

He plays fiddle for Shetland saxophonist Norman Willmore and likes growing vegetables.

Harry Górski-Brown (Image © Siyao Li)