Hugh Malyon

As a disabled artist, Hugh’s practice explores how shared/lived experience can be used as tools to find commonality.

Hugh is a South-west disabled writer and performer, who connects and engages with space and audiences through autobiographical, experimental play and shared narratives; “spanning multi-disciplinary performance/hybrid digital creation, Hugh finds meaningful connections and relationships through theory and practise, practically engaging critical thinking and emotion. Utilising commonality and reflection, he disrupts toxic narratives and prejudices of disability and society. With embodiment, joy and collaboration, Hugh asks fundamentally: “what is disabling about being disabled?”

Entering hybridisation of moving imagery and live improv with LifeInSuspension and Still Suspended, Hugh’s ongoing collaboration with musician and filmmaker Steve Sowden questions and platforms disparity of ‘normal’, perception and who gets heard the most? Alongside hybrid residencies with Tempting Failure and Leeds 23, Hugh’s Jerwood bursary 2020 enabled the acceleration of dialogue on true inclusion and disability as positive identity. The Another Route Fellowship is internationalising his practise in the spirit of understanding, shared generosity and community, across borders, smashing barriers in his wake.

What We Can Do, Hugh Maylon. Image courtesy of Artist.