Hugh Malyon

As a disabled artist, Hugh’s practice explores how shared/lived experience can be used as tools to find commonality.

His work directs and shifts audiences’ responses, attention and dialogue, destabilising hegemonic views, presenting exaggeration, comedic representations of power-relations, disability and voice. Through play, embodiment, exploration of perception, Hugh’s practice unravels toxic narratives of disability, transcending what bodies are capable of and contextualising disability as positive identity. Alternating between the theatre stage and the municipal sphere, Hugh’s work exploits unseen possibilities between theatre, live art and the workshop space.

Many organisations are closed-minded to the reality of supporting disabled artists and connections with those that do are critical to the future of accessibility within the arts. Whether through physically exploring space or meeting virtually, Hugh intends to use the Jerwood Bursary to seek out allies from diverse platforms, building strong robust relationships and gaining support to overcome barriers.

Hugh Malyon, Sophie Amos, Jennifer Noice, Erin Walcon and Steve Sowden. Image: Emily Appleton, South West Theatre Photography