Keiken + George Jasper Stone

Keiken + George Jasper Stone is a collaboration between Keiken, founded in 2016 by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos, and CGI artist and content designer George Jasper Stone. Their new CGI film, Feel My Metaverse, is about a hyper-fictional future staged in an immersive installation. The transauthorial narrative – a story made by multiple people – explores the daily lives of three characters ‘Pando’, ‘O’ and ‘C’, and how they cope with multiple bodies in various virtual and physical realities. Through a fictional space, they create ways to use technology as an emancipatory tool, relearning sensory understanding, ableness, and enabling a fluidity of expression.

Keiken and George Jasper Stone, Feel My Metaverse, 2019. Commissioned for Jerwood Collaborate! Photo: Anna Arca.