Lou Bartley Sophocleous

Lou Bartley Sophocleous is a producer of performance, spaces, and events, with a focus around queer fun translated into communities. Her work largely exists outside of institutions and more often can be found in church halls, night clubs or under flyovers. Lou Bartley Sophocleous is currently based in York. Their interests are in performance-based events, accessibility, healing through art, performance in non-theatrical spaces, community work, outreach work and work with young people. Particularly in cabaret and live/performance art and with LGBTQ+ people. Lou’s work has a strong emphasis on working meaningfully in different communities, pushing for a more diverse arts landscape, and creating accessible, interesting spaces whilst championing under-represented voices.

Lou was a Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Fellow in the 2017 – 19 cohort, and is a Toolkit Associate.

Photo of Lou, she is smiling at the camera.
Lou Bartley Sophocleous, photo by Hydar Dewachi