Louise Orwin

Louise Orwin is a performance artist making research-driven projects about subjects that are close to home, hard to get your head around, and need to be spoken about.

Louise Orwin’s work explores what it means to identify as female today, in a fast-moving, media-saturated world that prizes patriarchal, heteronormative narratives. Recently Louise has been researching and making work in collaboration with minority groups grappling with issues around gender and violence, and exploring the possible therapeutic benefits of this work, not only for the participants involved, but also for audiences who experience the work.

Louise’s Jerwood Bursary will help fund research and development on new work CRY CRY KILL KILL, exploring rage and what it means to be a survivor in a post #MeToo world. This will include working with a professional wrestler, a 1-day wrestling workshop and time spent with a mentor consulting on participatory practices.


Louise Orwin, CRY CRY KILL KILL, 2019. Photo: Ludo de Cognets