Lucy Wheeler

Lucy is a creative technologist and digital artist based in London.

She has a collaborative, concept and technical driven mindset – with a vision to merge realities, explore technology’s impact on society and address our digital footprints’ impact on the world. She is currently the lead Unreal Engine developer and visual effects artist for Studio ANRK’s British Film Institute funded VR storytelling project There Exists. Lucy joined as a Creative Technologist for StoryFutures’ StoryTrails and worked as Lead Developer for Indigo Storm XR and Studio ANRK in the VR experience The Museum of Imagined Futures.

Lucy is an advocate for creative technology accessibility, and has spoken at Beyond Conference, Edinburgh International Culture Summit and a lecture on extended reality at London College of Fashion. Between 2018-2021, Lucy co-founded The Immersive Kind, a multi-faceted creative technology collective.

She is a practising digital and immersive artist and appeared on AGORA Digital ArtPodcast, toured her VR project Just-In-Time with The Immersive Kind, participated in Digital Art Residency and exhibited at A.P.T Gallery.