Marie-Claire Lacey & Adam Stearns

Adam and Marie first worked together after being awarded the 1:1FUND in 2021. They are both interested in working with technologically mediated interactive environments, merging Adam’s background in sonic arts and Marie’s experience as a visual artist.

Marie is interested in intersections between the personal, social and political, and uses art to uncover hidden experiences; whether personal, private worlds, or stories silenced by society.  Valuing creativity as a tool for connection, transformation, and collective healing, she works in a variety of media to create experiential installation work. Marie’s work has been exhibited across a number of Glasgow venues including The Hidden Gardens, Studio Pavillion, and Glasgow Women’s Library.

Adam is a sonic artist and composer. His work encompasses fixed media, live performance, installation, and moving image. Inspired by communities, heritage, identity, queerness, and socio-cultural phenomena, Adam’s work often tells a story of a place, person, or community.  He creates participatory art which encourages connection and communication between people. Adam’s sonic art has been featured on BBC Radio 3’s ‘In Tune’ programme, his compositional work has been commissioned for the Scottish Ballet, and his installations have been presented in The Pipe Factory, The Britannia Panopticon and The Barras Market.

Marie and Adam have been supported by Jerwood New Work Fund 2022 and 1:1FUND.

Marie’s Website

Adam’s Website

A photo of a person in a black t-shirt, looking down at the floor. The photo is overexposed.
Marie-Claire Lacey - 'This Too Shall Pass', 2021. Image: Marie-Claire Lacey
A photo of Adam from the shoulders up. He is looking off to the side.
Adam Stearns by Axel Gutapfel 2023