Maz Murray

Maz Murray is an artist filmmaker based in London and Basildon. Maz uses satire, surrealism, melodrama, and humour to talk about queer and trans identity, class, and the complexities of public life. They repurpose and subvert pop cultural tropes such as music video, TV documentary, talk show, social media content and cinema.

Maz’s work has been included in various group exhibitions and screenings, including at Turner Contemporary, Margate, 2023; Outfest, LA, 2022; KinoKraat, Amsterdam, 2022; Mascara Film Club, London, 2021; QueerCircles TV, London, 2020; Short Film Festival and Artists’ Film Club, ICA, London, 2018. They recently made a short film with BFI Network. Murray graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2017.

Still from Maz Murray’s upcoming moving image work ‘Thigh Rise’. Starring Alexis Meshida and Prinx Silver, shot by Rosie Taylor.