Robyn Haddon

Robyn Haddon is a singer and songwriter based in Sheffield.

She understands singing as a healing force that provokes a healthy re-ordering of our senses, with the magical ability to effectively process complex emotions and project our identities. In her joint practice with artist Rory Pilgrim, she uses song-writing to platform social urgencies; such as care, connectedness and the climate crisis, hoping that music creates neutral space to come together and explore solutions. Recent projects include the exhibition and concert series Software Garden, most recently presented at the Stedelijk Museum, and Robyn performed as part of Pilgrim’s project, The Resounding Bell, commissioned by South London Gallery.

The Jerwood Bursary will support Robyn to receive vocal coaching to further explore and hone her vocal practice and to attend workshops with other practitioners using singing and voice as a means of healing and coming together.

Robyn Haddon, Software Garden performance, Stedelijk Museum, 2019. Image: Maarten Nauw