Ruby-Ann Patterson

Ruby-Ann Patterson is a multi-disciplinary artist producing visual poetry, performance, theatre and sound. Her work investigates British Mixed-Race identity and the epistemologies of belonging, dissecting themes of memory, ritual, lineage and displacement.

Ruby-Ann has been developing a multi-disciplinary project aiming to contest the idea of stable identities whilst simultaneously establishing connectedness within an often unrecognised community of artists – Mixed-Race Artists. The Other Side of You is an intertextual visual poetry anthology working to expose a hybrid way of responding to outdated academic theories which attempt to homogenise the Mixed-Race experience.

Ruby-Ann’s Jerwood Bursary will support a self-initiated residency in which meaningful developments of larger-format works will be completed. Ruby-Ann will work with a creative producer to strengthen her editorial and selection processes and will be inviting peers to an open studio on her final residential day to share her work and host a discussion.

WOMAN, Ruby-Ann Patterson. Image: Courtesy of the artist