Salena Barry

Salena Barry is a writer who currently lives and works in London.

She was born and raised in Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada), where she studied Art History and worked at C Magazine and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. In 2017, she moved to London to pursue her MA in Art & Politics at Goldsmiths College. She wrote her dissertation on how indigenous art was deployed as part of a larger decolonisation struggle by indigenous groups and the Canadian government during Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. After completing her studies, Salena began building a career in digital communications by working and volunteering at charities specialising in domestic abuse and migration issues. She believes that the knowledge and experience gained in her communications work can be transferred to her art writing to enhance legibility and connection between audiences, artworks and artists. Salena was recently selected for Frieze New Writers 2021.

Photo of Salena Barry from the shoulders up.