Sam Metz

Sam Metz is an artist based in Hull who researches, creates and reflects on the concept of what they refer to as choreographic objects. Sam has collaborated with the performance artist David Clarkson to create body-based live art, and has been a member of Guerrilla Art Lab, a queer, feminist, live art, performance collective since 2016.

Sam’s Jerwood Bursary will support some time undertaking action research at the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. The collection houses work by artists who were self-taught and outside the art world, many of whom were institutionalised and had learning difficulties or were autistic. They will be looking specifically at works that evidence repetitive mark-making and aim to gather evidence relating to movement, gesture and mark-making that tells a story of embodied communication. Sam is particularly interested in alternative communication that is non verbal and body based.

As an outcome of the research, Sam wants to create a catalogue of alternative notation to describe the phenomena. It will be a record of types of movement and mark-making, and is an extension of their previous work: choreographic objects that developed a body of work around alternative forms of notation. As a neurodivergent artist with sensory processing differences, the objects allow Sam to work in non-verbal ways.

Choreographic Notation, Sam Metz. Image: courtesy of the artist