Sara Green

Sara is a choreographer with recent commissions from Manchester International Festival, London Fashion Week and Radiohead. Her practice regularly explores behavioural dynamics, identity construction and the boundary between euphoria and violence.

She is collaborating with Jo Portus, the technologist responsible for the viral Babyblocker chrome extension, and a winner of the Facebook AR Hackathon ‘18. He is interested in how people integrate themselves with technology and how this interdependence is affecting society.

ID MY ASS is a reaction to new surveillance technology recognising people by the way they walk. Sara and Jo are putting together a future toolkit to avoid detection, with Jo currently building the self-learning software.

Sara’s Jerwood Bursary will allow them to test the newly-built software by submitting it to the realness of voguing dancers, and ask: how fast will this technology learn to adapt to the variation of walks supplied? and what outwits technology best – continual adaptation, or anonymous similarity?

ID MY ASS Image: Sara Green