Sarah Duffy

Sarah Duffy is an artist and the inaugural recipient of The Acme Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award. In 2018, Duffy took part in The Ol’ Switcheroo at Jupiter Woods, London; a residency at Chateau de Bosmelet as part of Diep Haven Festival which was followed by an exhibition at Phoenix Brighton and a three-month residency in South Korea as part of The Seoul Museum of Art’s international residency program.

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Sarah’s practice is interdisciplinary, spanning performance, writing, video, sound and installation, with a focus on uncovering hidden or forgotten historical narratives. In an attempt to embody her research she responded to an extensive period of study into the spiritualist history of ventriloquism performed by female mystics, and spent seven months training to become a ventriloquist singer.

She is currently working on a video work that examines the morphing, ever-changing film sets that populate the landscape near her home in Frensham, in particular the area’s relationship to British horror movie history which extends back to the early 60s.

Sarah’s Jerwood Bursary will fund a place on the Field Recording: Soundscape Composition short course at Goldsmiths, University of London. This course will better her understanding of different recording techniques, sound editing software, multi-channel composition and mastering, allowing Sarah to be more self-sufficient and providing tools to create ambitious new work.

Sarah Duffy, The Island, 2019 - video still. Produced with Support of Seoul Museum of Art and The British Korean Society.