Sharon Adams

Sharon is an applied artist using wood, metal and textiles to create tools, vessels and objects which allude to an unknown function and invite the viewer to imagine what they might be for.

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Sharon Adams’ practice is deeply rooted in agricultural landscape and directed by an intuitive response to locally available wood, usually beech, ash or sycamore. She works with the inherent beauty of simple tools and machinery, objects which populated the landscape of her farming childhood. Most recently Sharon has been converting old land measurements and rainfall charts into physical objects, using them to tell stories about a life lived close to the land.

The Jerwood Bursary will enable the development of Sharon’s practice through a period of mentoring, allowing her to review and clarify work to date and explore potential new projects.

CHAIN, Sharon Adams 2018. Photo: Simon Mills