Zakia Carpenter-Hall

Zakia Carpenter-Hall is a writer, tutor and critic who perceives words and ideas as raw material that she can layer, arrange and combine in new ways.

She writes poetry, reviews and essays, and welcomes partnerships that encourage her to work at the intersections of artistic mediums and subject matter. Underlying all her work is a desire to explore what it means to be human, blend inner worlds with outer realities and seek uncommon perspectives.

Her recent projects and collaborations include a spoken word/ dance performance with Contemporary Company, Crossed Lines: Literature and Telephony with Nottingham Trent University, Storybox Collective’s eco-socialist project with The William Morris Society, and pieces forthcoming in The Poetry Review.

Zakia’s Jerwood Bursary will fund a period of mentoring, performance development and experimentation. She aims to combine elements from various performance practices, such as spoken word and performance art, which will inform her arts and teaching practices.

Zakia Carpenter-Hall, 2020. Extracts from Alexander Kell and Ross Gamble. Image courtesy of the artist.