April 3, 2023

Dickson Mbi wins an Olivier Award for Enowate

We’re delighted to share the news that Dickson Mbi, who was awarded the Live Work Fund in 2020, has won the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance for his choreography of Enowate.

Enowate is a mesmerising solo performance inspired by a life-changing journey to Dickson’s ancestral home in Cameroon, performed at Sadlers Wells, London and The Lowry, Manchester. Enowate, meaning ‘truth stands’, draws on sinuous elements of hip-hop and contemporary dance in combination with original music and otherworldly animated projections. In asking the relatable question, ‘who am I?’, Dickson connects with enigmatic forces to reveal himself and emerge from the shadows.

Dickson was supported by the Live Work Fund in 2020 to develop his choreographic processes with Warren Du Preez and Nick Thorton to amplify the storytelling elements of Enowate and discover external visual references that translate internal ideas into embodied movements.

Dickson Mbi, Enowate. Photo Credit: Warren Du Preez, 2021