Symposium: Array presents ‘If you don’t play the game, don’t make the rules’

Jerwood Arts, 171 Union Street, London
9 Dec 2019, 6.30-8.30pm

This symposium expands on Array’s commission As Others See Us in Jerwood Collaborate! and their collective research into current activism in Northern Ireland around LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and anticolonialism. 

They invite artists and activists from different generations to directly address current and future issues within Northern Ireland, platforming voices that fall outside current sectarian narratives. 

Full timings and programme will be published in October.

This symposium will also be broadcast live and documented for posterity on


Array is a collective of artists rooted in Belfast who together create collaborative actions in response to the socio-political issues affecting Northern Ireland. Array’s studios and project space act as a base for the collective, however participating artists are not limited to studio holders. Embracing humour and a DIY sensibility, Array’s art/activism focuses on projects that involve and benefit the wider community. Partnering with a range of creative individuals and organisations they merge artistic expression, participate in direct action and instigate public interventions across urban environments. Individual members work in performance, photography, print, installation and video and have exhibited and collaborated throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally, giving global focus to marginalised communities in Northern Ireland.

This symposium is free to attend but capacity is limited: