• Tako Taal, Residue. Image courtesy of artist.
  • Saelia Aparicio. Image courtesy of artist.
  • Sadé Mica. Image courtesy of artist.
  • Cinzia Mutigli, My boring dreams featuring Kylie, Neneh, Whitney and the gang, digital video (still), Sunday Painter Gallery, 2019. Image courtesy of artist.
  • Rebecca Moss, Frog, 2016, video (still). Image courtesy of artist.
  • Nicolaas van de Lande, Gloryhole #2, 2019. Image courtesy of artist.

Survey II

Saelia Aparicio, Tereza Červeňová, Sadé Mica, Rebecca Moss, Cinzia Mutigli, Katarzyna Perlak, Shenece Oretha, Tako Taal, Nicolaas van de Lande, Angharad Williams

Established by Jerwood Arts in 2018, Survey II is the second edition of a group exhibition that presents new work from some of the most outstanding artists in the first stages of their careers in the UK, providing a distinctive snapshot of current artistic concerns and approaches.

Each artist has been nominated by a leading UK artist – including those that have received accolades such as the Turner Prize and represented a British nation at the Venice Biennale – to take part in the exhibition.


Exhibiting artists for Survey II are:

Saelia Aparicio nominated by Jonathan Baldock

Tereza Červeňová nominated by Joanna Pietrowska

Sadé Mica nominated by Emily Speed and Jade Montserrat

Rebecca Moss nominated by Wood and Harrison

Cinzia Mutigli nominated by Sean Edwards

Katarzyna Perlak nominated  by Zadie Xa

Shenece Oretha nominated by Zadie Xa

Tako Taal nominated by Jamie Crewe

Nicolaas van de Lande nominated by Tai Shani

Angharad Williams nominated by Heather Phillipson


The exhibition will launch at g39 in Cardiff (July 2021) before travelling to Jerwood Arts in London (October 2021) and Site Gallery in Sheffield (March 2022)

Learn more about the programme and the previous edition of Survey, here.