Jerwood Bursaries

You can choose to apply either in writing or by recording your application as a film or audio file. All applications will be treated equally and no favour will be given, including to the production values of the format.

In all cases, please express your ideas and information clearly and directly.

Save and Continue

In the online form that follows, there is an option to save and continue.

If you decide to save your application and come back to it later, a unique URL will generated for you. You can save this in a secure location, or you can also choose to have it emailed to you.

Please be aware that your application and personal information will be accessible to anyone who has that URL. It should be treated like a password. All applicants are responsible for their unique URL, should they choose to use the save and continue function. Please also bear in mind that this function is only effective up to and including the page you are on when you hit the save and continue button. It is advisable to work through the form in order when using the function.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to work on your application offline first, you can do so using the documents above. Please complete the written sections and then cut and paste into the online form.

Your application entries will not reach us until you have click on ‘Submit’ at the end of the application form after the Monitoring Information. You will receive a confirmation email from Jon Opie when your full application has been received.

Data Protection

The personal data you give us here will be used by Jerwood Arts staff, paid independent assessors and members of the selection panel. It will not be passed on to anyone else. Artists will only be contacted regarding their application for the Jerwood Bursaries. If you want to be removed from our database you can do so by calling 020 7261 0279 or emailing Jon Opie.

You have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office should you wish to complain about how information has been handled. If you wish to receive information about our activities, events and opportunities, please sign up for the Jerwood Arts newsletter here.




If you’d like to work on your application offline first, you can download the form in the following formats

A Word document

A PDF that can be run through text recognition software

A large text version