March 21, 2023

Jerwood Arts awardees included in rapid-response Henry Moore Foundation awards

Henry Moore Foundation awards £100,000 to artists across the UK in rapid-response grant amid the financial crisis.

The Henry Moore Foundation has announced a £100,000  fund, which will be awarded directly to 50 artists across the UK. The grant aims to alleviate some of the financial pressures faced by artists amid the country’s mounting cost of living crisis and funding cuts in the arts and culture sector. The fund is unrestricted, allowing artists the flexibility to use the money however they need to, whether that’s paying studio rent, buying materials, or reimbursing the cost of lost work.

The 50 artists were nominated by a panel of 25 prominent figures representing each region in the UK and Northern Ireland. It included: Zoé Whitley, Director of Chisenhale Gallery in London, Saad Eddine Said, Artistic Director and CEO of New Art Exchange in Nottingham and Xiaowen Zhu, Director of ESEA Contemporary in Manchester, amongst other leading cultural voices.

The grant recipients include a wide range of artists, in all stages of their careers, working across different themes and practices.

The list includes six artists previously supported by Jerwood Arts:

  • Saelia Aparicio, Survey II awardee
  • Katarzyna Perlak, Survey II awardee
  • Sam Metz, Jerwood Bursaries 2020 awardee
  • Fern Thomas, Jerwood Bursaries 2019 awardee
  • Serena Korda, Artist Adviser
  • Emma Hart, Jerwood/FVU Awards 2012 awardee

The full list of awarded artists can be found on the Henry Moore Foundation website.

It’s fantastic to see this recognition of extraordinary artists and the significant and direct support the Henry Moore Foundation is providing.

Katarzyna Perlak, Bated Breaths, 2020 – ongoing. Installation view at Jerwood Space. Survey II is led by Jerwood Arts in collaboration with g39 and Site Gallery. Photo: Eva Herzog.