Jerwood Developing Artists Fund Expression of Interest Guidance

The Jerwood Developing Artists Fund invites organisations committed to discovering and empowering the next generation of exceptional artists, curators and producers to apply for funding to design and deliver imaginative, future-facing, artist-centred programmes that will identify early-career artists with outstanding potential to develop and thrive.

Jerwood Arts’ ambition is to fund a UK-wide portfolio of innovative organisations that work in and across artforms and disciplines and can offer transformative, career-making opportunities for individuals at a critical moment in their practice, stimulating the emergence of new creative voices onto the national arts scene. The fund builds on the success of our Development Programme Fund for organisations, 2019-2022, as well as our learning from the Live Work Fund and Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries programme.

Our vision is for these programmes to be fully inclusive by design, supporting the most promising individuals from all backgrounds, identities, and parts of the UK. These programmes will give artists with exceptional potential the time, care and resources to experiment, take risks and push themselves to create ambitious new work for audiences in the future and enable a step-change in their practice and careers.


Below is written Jerwood Developing Artists Fund guidance. For guidance in other formats, including Easy Read, BSL and audio, scroll down and see section ‘Access’.

The design of the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund

The design of the fund reflects learning from the evaluations of our programmes and recent trends in arts funding. Issues that pre-dated the pandemic around the level of competition and the laborious application and selection processes have been exacerbated. Our opportunities have been highly competitive and we have seen application and rejection fatigue for applicants and funders alike.

To increase the success rate for applicants and better focus our support and resources, the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund is using a two-stage process.

The guidance on this page should be read carefully by organisations considering making an Expression of Interest (EOI) application for the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund. If an EOI is successful, the organisation will be invited to make a full application.

You can read more about the design process behind the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund in a Jerwood in Practice blog on our website.

How many organisations will be funded by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund each year?

The funding we have available for the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund is likely to support between 15 and 25 organisations at an average grant of £30k each year.

Who should the development programme be for?

All artists, curators and producers benefiting from Jerwood Developing Artists Fund programmes must meet Jerwood Arts core criteria and be:

  • practicing artists, curators and/or producers*
  • working within the artforms and disciplines we are able to support*
  • within the early stages of their careers, usually less than 10 years’ track record*
  • willing to be bold and take risks
  • living in the UK and committed to making a positive contribution to the arts in the UK*
  • not currently in formal education*

*Please read our FAQ for further details.

Why are dedicated development programmes for early-career artists, curators and producers important?

Feedback from individual early-career artists, curators and producers who have undertaken programmes we have supported evidence the benefits of structured development opportunities run by arts organisations committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of exceptional artists.

At their best, the development programmes are led by dedicated professionals with the experience and expertise to create an empowering environment in which early-career artists can develop and thrive with integrity on their own terms. They are designed with and for the target artists, curators and producers, and provide them with new artists networks, connections, context, meaning and skills to take significant steps forward in their practices and careers.

Feedback includes:

‘[I really valued] the supportiveness and inclusiveness of the organisation. Everything was thought out from the position of what an artist actually needs.’

‘I have started to actively collaborate more with audiences within researching and producing work, and have begun engaging within spaces beyond the gallery to facilitate conversations.’

‘The support and encouragement in developing my own new work for the first time not only makes me feel valued as an artist but also hopeful and excited for the future of making work.’

You can read about the programmes we have supported since 2019 here.

What types of development programmes will the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund support?

The types of development programmes we can support include:

  • associate schemes
  • assisting programmes
  • attachment schemes
  • mentoring schemes
  • residency or creative lab programmes
  • seed funding
  • commissioning
  • networks and peer support
  • showcases
  • research and development
  • workshop processes
  • skills and training programmes

We are open to programmes that mix and match elements of the above according to the needs of individuals and the expertise of your organisation. We are aware that these descriptions mean different things in different artforms and disciplines.

We recognise the value of collaboration and welcome programmes that are run by consortia/networks/ partnerships/collaborations by two or more organisations each playing to their strengths.

What makes for a transformative artist development programme?

Our evaluations show that the arts organisations running the most impactful programmes think carefully about the individuals’ experience from when they first find out about the opportunity to the months after the official ‘end’ of their involvement in a programme. They have consulted and/or worked with the target artists to design the programme, consider the wider context for their discipline/artform and seek to address current challenges in the sector.

The design of your programme should address how it will:

  • identify and select early-career artists, curators and/or producers with exceptional potential
  • embed access and inclusion
  • be delivered creatively, administratively and at governance level to maximise its impact
  • actively address under-representation in their artform, discipline and/or geographic area
  • support artists, curators and/or producers to grow their practice on their own terms with integrity
  • create conditions for constructive peer support, learning and network building
  • create generative research, workshop and experimentation periods
  • enable the creation of new work(s) that result in public outcomes in the future
  • reduce the carbon footprint and improve sustainability of the programme
  • support artists to successfully take their next steps after their involvement in the programme
  • be evaluated to demonstrate the impact of the programme

All programmes will need to demonstrate that they strongly align with Jerwood Arts’ values and approach which you can read more about here.

What can’t the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund support?

We are unlikely to take forward EOIs from organisations and/or programme proposals that:

  • are too small to provide the stability and consistency that artists need to feel safe and thrive
  • are too big to provide the relational and bespoke programme that artists need to feel safe and thrive
  • do not currently have any organisational or individual staff experience of running successful development programmes to identify, nurture and promote early-career artists in their discipline/artform
  • do not demonstrate equitable working practices with artists (i.e. fair pay, favourable working conditions and input into their experience on the programme)
  • do not have a positive reputation within their artist communities for supporting independent artists
  • do not have transparent and inclusive leadership and governance frameworks in place, and HR policies to support these

Further clarification on what we can and cannot fund can be found in the FAQs here.

Budget and timeline expectations

Proposals can be made for programmes that run over a period of up to two years. This may include one or more cycles/editions/rounds of a programme according to what can comfortably be delivered in that time. The programme must start within six months of funding being awarded.

The budget should consider factors including the number of artists and what they will be enabled to do, offer fair pay at least in line with industry standards and emphasise quality rather than quantity.

We do not ask for a budget or timeline as part of an EOI, but it may be helpful to consider the following notes when planning your proposal.

  • We expect to fund programmes with a contribution of between £20k and £60k per cycle, the majority at the lower end of the range
  • We are interested in funding new initiatives, as well as funding existing programmes that continue to align with Jerwood Arts’ vision
  • We are happy to be the sole funder of a Jerwood Developing Artists Fund programme
  • We expect most programmes will need to identify and secure additional resources to support more ambitious public outcomes
  • We are happy to be part of a group of funders and/or arts organisations seeking to support larger scale, networked and/or geographically wide-reaching programmes
  • We are happy to be the first funder for a programme that requires additional funds

When reviewing EOIs we will take into account that they are not full applications, without timelines and budgets.

Submit an Expression of Interest

If you have a programme that meets the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund brief and you would like to be considered for funding, please complete this EOI form with your details and a short (300 word) description of the programme you would like us to consider. We will only ask for a full budget and timeline if you are invited to make a full application.




Expression of Interest Support

You do not need to have had a conversation with a member of staff to submit your expression of interest. If, however, you have a question about the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund or have an initial idea you’d like to sense check, please email Clíona Malin, our Team Assistant, at and we will either reply or set up a call with one of the team to explore your idea with us.


You can access the EOI guidance and the EOI form in the following formats:

We are committed to making our opportunities accessible. Please email to tell us what you need to enable you to apply.


Expression of Interest Deadline Outcome of EOI: rejection or invitation to apply Deadline for application if invited to apply Outcome of application
31 October 2022 29 November 2022 10 January 2023 10 February 2023
1 February 2023 16 February 2023 21 March 2023 21 April 2023


These deadlines are aligned with Jerwood Arts four quarterly board meetings to enable us to bring forward applications to Trustees in a timely manner.

Three more sets of deadlines in 2023 will be announced in December 2022.

What happens after an EOI is submitted?

Jerwood Arts staff and Artist Advisers will review the EOI submissions in November, March, May and August each year. EOI’s that have the strongest match with the fund, Jerwood Arts’ values and the types of programmes that represent a gap in our funding may be invited to make a full application.

If you are not invited forward to make a full application, we will give brief feedback on the reasoning behind our decision. Re-applications cannot be made within six months of a rejection.

When an organisation is invited to make a full application, they will be given more detailed guidance and support to develop their proposal. Full applications will be reviewed by Jerwood Arts staff and Artist Advisers against the fund’s aims. Final applications will be considered for funding by the Jerwood Arts Trustees and at this stage of the process we aim for a 40-60% success rate.

Through working with a two-stage process and focusing exclusively on funding development programmes for early-career artists we are seeking to direct our limited resources in the most impactful way. Our capacity is limited to funding around 15-25 active programmes per year, inevitably meaning our resources will never be able to cover all areas. Our decision making will be informed by what we are currently funding, alongside where there is greatest need and opportunity for investment in artists’ development across the UK. As far as possible, we will aim to achieve a balance across artforms, disciplines and the UK over time.

The two-stage application process has been designed to be more efficient for potential applicants and enable us to better manage demand. We are aware it will mean there is a high level of rejection at the EOI stage. Our comprehensive guidance is set out to reduce the labour of application making and help potential applicants decide whether it is the right fund for their organisation to apply to.

As a learning organisation, we are committed to evaluating and updating this approach on an ongoing basis.