April 1, 2015

Jerwood Painting Fellows 2016 announced

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Jerwood Charitable Foundation is delighted to announce the three artists selected for the third edition of the Jerwood Painting Fellowships; Francesca Blomfield, Archie Franks and Dale Lewis.

All at a critical stage of their professional practice, the three painters have been carefully selected by mentors Dan Coombs, Jane Harris and Phoebe Unwin for the fervent commitment they demonstrate towards their practice, and the unquestionable potential of their work. The Fellows will now embark on a journey of support, with the opportunity to build artist-to-artist relationships with their mentors.

“The three artists demonstrate a determination to pursue their art despite the inevitable obstacles that are thrown in their way. Unaffected by fashion or theoretical ideology they each pursue a personal vision that draws on their immediate experience of the world. We were impressed by the integrity of their work and excited by the sense of their struggle. The Jerwood Painting Fellowship will enable them to pursue the adventure of their work and to continue to develop a unique voice as painters.” Dan Coombs

“Having undertaken a very rigorous selection process from an extremely high standard of applications, I believe we have made an excellent choice in our selection. They are three very diverse painters who each have an individual take on the practice and subject of painting. Above all I was struck by their motivation and dedication and their passion for painting’s ongoing possibilities.” Jane Harris

“It was exciting and insightful to see so many diverse and inventive uses of paint amongst the work of all applicants. The selection process was extremely difficult but the three chosen painters bring distinct takes on what paint can do and what it means to paint today. We felt that each of these three painters are at an especially pivotal moment in their development as artists.” Phoebe Unwin

The Jerwood Painting Fellowships are a structured development opportunity for exceptional painters within the first five years of beginning their practice. The initiative was launched in 2010 and is designed to provide crucial time and critical support to promising painters in the challenging early stages of their professional lives, focusing on studio practice and individual professional development. The significant number of entries received through the initiative, over 400 this year, indicates the importance of development opportunities such as these, and the value to artists of having their work seen by a distinguished panel of selectors.

The Fellows each receive a bursary of £10,000 to explore and develop their work and ideas across the year, benefit from the perspective of both their mentor and peer Fellows and gain exposure exhibiting their work. Over the year, Dan Coombs will work with Dale Lewis, Jane Harris will mentor Archie Franks, and Phoebe Unwin is paired with Francesca Blomfield. New work made by the Fellows will be presented in a group exhibition as part of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme at Jerwood Space, London, in May 2016 and then tour the UK.

The Fellows follow in the footsteps of impressive alumni. The previous two editions have united painters Anthony Faroux, Clare Mitten, Cara Nahaul, Susan Sluglett, Sophia Starling and Corinna Till with mentors Paul Bonaventura, Stephen Farthing RA, Marcus Harvey, Chantal Joffe, Mali Morris RA and Fabian Peake.

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Dale Lewis and Dan Coombs. Image: Dawn Smith