Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022: FAQ


Applications are now open. You can apply using the online form here.

The deadline for applications is 10am, Wednesday 24 November 2021.


You can read the application guidance online here.

An audio recording of the application guidance and this FAQ is available here.

A large print of the application guidance and this FAQ is available here.

A plain text of the application guidance and this FAQ is available here.

A word document of the application form is available here.



Who is the Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022 programme run by?

The Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022 programme is run by Jerwood Arts.

Are there any costs associated with applying?

Application to Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022 is free. We recognise that making an application involves significant unpaid labour on the part of applicants and aim to provide as much information on these pages to help you make an informed decision about whether to apply and how to put together an application.

Can I make an audio/video application?

Yes, if you are more comfortable recording an audio or video format rather than a written application, you are welcome to.

We will ask you to complete contact details, the Yes/No eligibility questions and an equal opportunities monitoring form in written form to assist the processing of your application. No assessment of the production quality of audio or video recordings will be made.

What happens if I experience a technical issue with the website?

We test the guidance pages on our website and the application portal thoroughly. However, we know that technical difficulties do arise. If you experience an issue with the website, please report it to

You may find this especially frustrating if it happens right before the deadline, therefore we strongly advise that you try to submit your application well in advance.



What do you mean by ‘early-career’ and writers with ‘at least one years’ track record of professional writing practice’ at the time of applying?

Applicants for this opportunity will be at a pivotal stage of establishing their arts writing practice. This fund, like our others, reflects Jerwood Arts mission to support those in the first phases of the development of a practice. To ensure that the financial, publishing and networking support offered by the Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022 programme has the transformative impact intended, for this opportunity we define ‘early-career’ broadly as within the first five years of a professionalised practice beginning no earlier than November 2016. We encourage those with significantly slower, irregular or interrupted career trajectories, as a result of disabilities, illness or caring responsibilities for example, to feel able to articulate that in your application to aid our understanding of your current moment.

You will have been developing your writing practice for at least one year and begun to establish your voice, but will normally not have had more than three pieces of writing published by established arts publications or their digital platforms over a one year period. Applicants commissioned by institutions or organisations to respond to exhibitions programmes more than three times a year can be understood as similarly ineligible in this sense.

Can I apply to this fund if I have applied to Jerwood Arts recently, or received funding for you in previous years?

Yes, you can.

Can I apply as part of a collective/collaborative writing practice? How do you define this?

Yes. We welcome applications from collective/collaborative writers developing a critical practice in response to the visual arts. Joint applications of this kind will need to demonstrate that the practice functions as a collaboration at its core, and was initiated as such, not solely for the purposes of this opportunity.

If you are unsure about your eligibility please get in touch at and we would be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Can I submit more than one application?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept more than one application per person. You may apply as either an individual writer or as part of a collective/collaborative practice, but not both.

Why don’t you support writers who are in part-time or full-time formal education (including dissertation writing)?

We are unable to support writers who are in formal education programmes of study as each residency requires a focused time commitment across six months. The residencies are designed to offer focused developmental support in the form of funded publishing opportunities and mentoring that is not often available to writers who are in the early stages of their professionalised practice outside of education programmes. It is a core eligibility criteria for Jerwood Arts that all those we fund are outside of formal education.



What examples of my writing should I include?

You should include two examples of your writing of no more than 500 words each. Examples can be an extract of a longer work, but only the 500 words you want the assessors to read should be uploaded.

We encourage you to upload examples of your writing that showcase the strength and range of your practice to date to help the assessors understand the quality and potential of your work. This might include reviews, blogs, essays or other forms of output that you have been working on. Examples do not have to be of work that has been previously published or commissioned.

I am a Welsh-language speaker, can I make my application and undertake the residency in Welsh?

No. Unfortunately we do not currently have the capacity to support applicants to submit applications, have them assessed, and contribute residency responses in Welsh. We provide application guidance and FAQ in Welsh for many of our opportunities as we remain committed to broadening our reach across Wales, however, we are unfortunately unable to resource the translation needed to adequately accommodate Welsh-language writers equitably and with nuance for Jerwood Writer in Residence 2022.

How should I factor in changing restrictions as a result of COVID-19 into my proposal?

We will be flexible in supporting you to navigate any limitations imposed by changing COVID-19 restrictions and any impacts on the Jerwood Arts exhibition programme you are responding to during your chosen 6-month residency slot.

Will you consider proposals from writers primarily based and working outside of the UK?

No. As part of our commitment to supporting UK-based artists/creatives, the UK arts ecology and environmental sustainability, we will only support applications from applicants based in the UK that can be realised within the UK.

If I reach the interview stage, what format will the interview take?

The interview will take place via video call on Monday 6 December 2021. Questions will be shared in advance.

Will I get feedback on my application?

All applicants will receive general information about the response to the 2022 residency opportunity, trends the assessors observed and the process the panel assessors used to arrive at the selection. If you are shortlisted for interview you will receive written feedback on your application.



If I have a disability and/or specific access or care requirements, what support can be offered if my application is successful?

We recognise that artists/creatives with disabilities and/or access requirements are under-represented in the arts and may require additional support throughout the year.

Awardees are invited to submit an access document to outline your support needs. This is useful at the beginning to provide us with information about what your needs are so that the best structures can be put in place to ensure that you have equal access to work. Regardless of whether you choose to submit an access document, there will be regular confidential ‘check-in’ points to see if your situation has changed, or if there is anything that we might reasonably do with regard to access, to better support your ability to undertake and complete the supported year.

Please do contact us on if you would like to discuss your needs prior to applying.

If I am offered a residency, what am I committing to?

If you are offered a residency, we will require a commitment from you to make the time available for development and production of up to five responses over the 6-month period of your residency as well as to mentoring and production activity. Please consider the residency dates and do not apply if you do not feel you will be able to commit an appropriate amount of time over your chosen period.

What mentoring will I receive?

Each writer will receive a £300 mentoring budget to undertake mentoring sessions. Mentoring may focus on practical feedback and development of their writing, or more general advice about building a career in arts criticism.

What are the terms and conditions if I am selected?

Selected writers will be asked to sign an agreement with Jerwood Arts ahead of receiving the first financial instalment of the award. This agreement will, amongst other terms, include:

  • The right for Jerwood Arts to present your writing and elements of your research across websites and digital channels on an ongoing basis.
  • Terms for crediting Jerwood Arts for its support of the work(s) should they be published more widely or for publicity purposes.
  • The writers will retain intellectual ownership of the writing(s) submitted, they are to remain hosted on the Jerwood Arts website upon completion of the residency and thereafter.
  • Any approaches to share writing responses created for the residency more widely after the fact will be agreed between the writer and Jerwood Arts first.