Jerwood New Work Fund FAQs

Who is the JNWF run by? 

JWNF is designed, delivered and funded by Jerwood Arts. Some of our Artist Advisers will be contracted to support the selection process. 

Are there any costs involved in applying? 


Access and support making an application

You can access the application guidance, FAQs and application form in the following formats:
Application Guidance 
English Language 
Welsh Language 
Audio Recording  Application Guidance, FAQs  Application Guidance, FAQS 
Large Print  Application Guidance, Application Form, FAQs  Application Guidance, FAQs 
Plain Text  Application Guidance, Application Form, FAQs  Application Guidance, FAQs 
Word Document  Application Guidance, Application Form, FAQs  Application Guidance, FAQs 
PDF that can be run through text recognition software  Application Guidance, Application Form, FAQs  Application Guidance, FAQs 
BSL Video  Coming soon
Can I make an audio/video application? 

Yes. You can link to an audio or video recording of your proposal. No assessment of the production quality will be made. We will ask you to complete your contact details and an equal opportunity monitoring form in written form to help us process your application.  

What happens if I experience a technical issue with the website? 

If you experience an issue with the website, please report it to 

You may find this frustrating if it happens right before the deadline and we strongly advise that you try to submit your application well in advance. 


What disciplines and artforms can be supported through JNWF? 
  • Applied Arts 
  • Ceramics 
  • Choreography 
  • Circus 
  • Composing 
  • Collaborative 
  • Criticism 
  • Craft 
  • Cross-artform 
  • Curatorial 
  • Dance 
  • Directing 
  • Drawing 
  • Environmental Art 
  • Experimental Animation 
  • Fiction 
  • Glass Making 
  • Installation 
  • Improvisation 
  • Jewellery 
  • Live Art 
  • Light Art 
  • Moving-image 
  • Music 
  • Multidisciplinary 
  • New Media and Digital 
  • Non-Fiction 
  • Opera 
  • Poetry 
  • Painting 
  • Playwriting 
  • Photography 
  • Performance 
  • Producing 
  • Puppetry 
  • Sculpture 
  • Set Design 
  • Socially Engaged Practices 
  • Sound Art 
  • Spoken Word 
  • Textiles 
  • Theatre 
  • Visual Arts 
  • Writing 

You may feel your practice/project meets more than one of the art forms in the list above and we are happy to accept applications from multi/interdisciplinary artists. 

What are the Jerwood Arts supported programmes that eligible applicants will need to have taken part in? 
  • Apples & Snakes: Poetry in Performance 
  • Cheltenham Jazz Festival Jerwood Jazz Encounters  
  • Dance4: Re-framing Dance 
  • Fierce Further 
  • FACT: Jerwood FACT Fellows 
  • G39: UNITe  
  • Glyndebourne: Jerwood Young Artist Programme 
  • Heart n Soul: Don’t Step on my Burger 
  • Imaginate: Jerwood Associate Artist Scheme 
  • Jerwood/FVU 2020 & 2022 
  • Jerwood Art Fund Makers Open 2022 
  • Jerwood Bursary 2020 
  • Jerwood Solo Presentations 2021 
  • Jerwood Writer In Residence 2021 & 2022 
  • Live Work Fund  
  • Milk Presents: Making An Entrance 
  • National Centre for Circus Arts: Jerwood Circus Residencies 
  • Newlyn Art Gallery: Jerwood Newlyn Residencies 
  • Prime Cut: Reveal 2020 
  • Royal Court Theatre: Jerwood New Playwrights 
  • Somerset House: Sonic Terrains 
  • Survey II 2021 
  • The Gate Theatre: Jerwood Designers Programme 
  • The Tetley: Jerwood Tetley Commissions 
  • The Young Vic: Accessing New Technologies 
  • The Young Vic: Jerwood Assistant Directors Program 
  • Whitstable Biennale: Jerwood Artist Attachment Programme 
  • 1:1 FUND 


How long am I eligible to apply for JNWF? How many times can I apply?  

You are eligible to apply to one of the following rounds of JNWF: Autumn 2022 or Spring 2023. Please consider carefully which round you would like to apply for.  

Can I submit more than one application? 

No. You can only submit one application to one JNWF application round. 

Can I apply as a collaboration?  

Yes. You can apply as a new or existing collaboration if you are the lead or co-lead artist. You can only appear in one application.  

If I was previously funded directly or indirectly by Jerwood Arts as part of a collective, collaboration or artistic group, can I apply as an individual?  

Yes. If you have been previously Jerwood-supported as a collective, collaboration or artistic group previously you can apply together again. However, if you are now pursuing an independent practice as the lead or co-lead artist, curator or producer, you can apply as an individual. You can only appear in one application.  

What do you mean by a ‘lead artist or co-lead artist’? 

A ‘lead or co-lead artist’ is the individual who has come up with the idea for the project and will be the key person to develop and complete it. If you are a curator or producer, you are likely to be the co-lead.  

If I get funded, can I still take on additional work in 2023 and 2024? 


The application process

How do you define ‘a significant step forward in your career’?  

A ‘significant step forward’ will mean different things to each individual, depending on your artform and career stage. We are open to suggestions from you as to what a ‘significant step forward’ might look like for you. For this fund, we’re particularly interested to see how you will be taking forward or building on the research/development/ideas you worked on/with during your Jerwood-supported programme. 

Examples of what a ‘significant steps forward’ could look like:  

  • Making a significant new work which brings wider recognition. 
  • Making a larger/different scale work. 
  • Adding new knowledge or skills to a practice that gives you strength and confidence. 
  • Consolidating your recent developments and achievements.  
  • Building a new relationship, such as a partnership with a new organisation or creative collaboration. 
  • Taking a relationship with an organisation or artistic collaboration to the next level.  
What evidence are you looking for to prove the ‘high standard’ of my previous work?  

In the application form you will be asked to submit examples of your work in the form of text files, images, film and audio. Please provide recent examples of either the initial development of the project you are applying with, or another project that helps us see your experience artistically leading or co-leading projects previously.  

The links can be hosted on your own website, an organisation’s website or a third-party platform such as Soundcloud, YouTube or Vimeo. We would prefer if you did not use Google Drive or Dropbox. Please explain the context for the work using the ‘description of works’ box in the application form. 

What does ‘significant interest from an organisation’ mean? 

‘Significant interest from an organisation’ means that you will need to tell us about one or more organisations who are already interested in the project, and willing to support the final development and/or completion of it to share with audiences.  

Perhaps they’ve already been involved in the research/testing/workshopping of it or were part of your Jerwood-supported programme in some way. Please explain what their involvement will be, and if relevant, the team members who would be working with you.  

To make it ‘significant’, we will need to see evidence of their interest. This would typically be a cash or in-kind contribution to your budget to support it through curating, programming, producing, marketing, mentoring, physical space and/or other means.  

In the application form, you will be asked to upload a ‘letter of support’ from the organisation(s) interested in supporting your project. The ‘letter of support’ should be written by the organisation outlining what they can offer and how the support will help the development and/or presentation of your idea to audiences.  

Can you give examples of projects at the right stage of development for an application to JNWF?  

We always hesitate to give examples in case they are seen as prescriptive – your project is your project. The following scenarios are merely offered as a guide to suggest the breadth of project ideas and stages of development that the fund can support.  

  • You have received a commission from a performing arts venue/festival and they have supported some initial or ‘seed’ research and development. They are committed to presenting the work in their next programme and have offered a fee for you to develop it further. Your application to JWNF would contribute to the further development costs of the project and the production costs would be supported by the venue/festival. You may also apply to Arts Council England/Arts Council of Wales/Creative Scotland etc to increase the budget further and, for example, support community or audience engagement work. 
  • You have undertaken a residency at a gallery or space and started to develop a new body of work. The gallery (or a new gallery) is interested in presenting the work and has offered a show in 2024. They have offered to cover the costs of installation, marketing and invigilation, and may have given a small amount of commissioning money. The request to Jerwood New Work Fund might be for the remaining commissioning money needed to produce the work and pay a fee to yourself and your collaborators.  
  • You have received a commission for a new work of fiction/collection from a press/publisher. They have promised to edit, design, print, market and distribute the work. The Jerwood New Work Fund application would provide you the fee for the research and writing. 
  • You have self-initiated a project and have undertaken research and development with a creative team around you. Several programmers invited to a work in progress have expressed an interest in presenting the work. You now want to develop and complete the work and self-produce a national tour or approach a producing agency to take on the tour booking for you. Your Jerwood New Work Fund application may go alongside an Arts Council England/Arts Council of Wales/Creative Scotland application to bring the project together. 

Budget and project plan

What do you mean by more than one source of income in the budget? Why do I need to include this in my budget? 

To demonstrate significant interest in the project from others, we would expect to see at least one source of meaningful cash or in-kind support in the income for the project alongside the possible JNWF grant. This is because the fund is designed to support ideas through to connecting with an audience, so it is important that your project is at a stage where you can talk to possible partners and organisations about it and get them excited about being part of its future. In our experience, project ideas with clear plan for where some of the other cash income or in-kind support will come from are at a pivotal moment where a grant from JWNF can make the biggest different. 

How should I calculate the fees for myself and others involved in my project? 

Jerwood Arts is a Living Wage Funder. We expect fees for yourself and other people involved in your project to be at or above the suggested rates, whether it be a day fee or an hourly fee. You may also choose another arts industry pay rate that is right for your art form/discipline.  

Here are some useful links: 

The Living Wage Calculator 

ARTQUEST: Fee Calculators 

What should I include in the project plan and budget to make it ‘safe and accessible’? 

This will be different for each project and dependent on individual needs. By ‘safe and accessible’ we mean looking at the environment in which you are working, whether it be on your own or with collaborators, and how it can be made to be a supportive working environment.  

Examples that might cover access needs and accessibility: 

  • Gathering access riders from your collaborators to ensure their needs are met 
  • Step free access to rehearsal spaces 
  • Transport support to and from working locations 
  • BSL interpreters or captions at your performance, presentation or exhibition 

Safeguarding examples: 

  • Decompression time during the development stage of your work  
  • Offering trained mental health support or speaking services to your collaborators if your work deals with a difficult subject matter 

We recommend looking at the following resources to help you understand what might be best for you, your team and your project.  

Artists Essentials Toolkit #9: Accessibility for your arts project 

A guide to Access Riders from Unlimited  

Care In and As Creative Practice Workshop with Toni Dee Paul  

What qualifies as ‘in-kind’ contributions? 

This is something that you have been given for free but would otherwise have had to pay for, including a meeting or rehearsal room, equipment and materials, or someone’s time and expertise.  

It is commonly put into the income section of a budget with a cash value to say that you would otherwise have needed money to pay for it. If you show an in-kind contribution in the income section of the budget, you also need to show it in the expenditure so that the budget balances.    

What is a reasonable contingency?  

The contingency is an amount in the budget for things you cannot know when you’re making your application but you might need when your project is underway. The amount you include will depend on the project and how much expenditure you can confidently plan in advance. Typically it is between 1% and 3% of the total budget value.  

After your application

If my application is successful, what support will I receive? 

If your application is successful and we support your project, Jerwood Arts will also: 

  • support other approaches to potential funders, for instance, by reviewing your application drafts and letters of support.  
  • offer to put you in touch with other applicants supported by Jerwood Arts, and let you know about any relevant events. 
  • offer a sounding board throughout your project and open our networks to benefit your work further. 
  • profile you and your project on our website and social media (with your permission). 
  • attend your events and activities wherever we can. 

To help us follow your project’s development, we expect you to:   

  • keep us updated about your progress – you must tell us about any significant changes before they happen. 
  • write a final report within a month of the end of the project telling us how it went against your original plan.  
  • consider other future partnerships you would like to develop with the backing of Jerwood Arts.  
  • credit Jerwood Arts as a supporter of your project on all the digital and print materials – we’ll supply logos etc. 

We will not be able to offer further financial support after the grant has been made, as the JNWF will be supporting new artists each round. 

If I have a disability and/or specific access or care requirements, what support can be offered if my application is successful? 

If you are awarded funding through the JNWF, Kaya La Bonté-Hurst (Jerwood Arts Project Manager) will contact you to outline to the access support we can provide at Jerwood Arts throughout our working relationship. You will be invited to submit an access document to outline your needs, so that the best structures can be put in place to ensure that you have equal access to work.  

Regardless of whether you choose to submit an access document, we’ll continue to check in with you to see if there is anything we can do to better support you throughout your project. 

Email us via if you would like to discuss your access needs prior to applying. 

If I am successful, can I still apply to Jerwood-supported programmes during and after my JNWF funded project has finished? 

Generally speaking, no. If you are awarded JNWF, we’d expect that you would have passed the early-career stage that our programmes focus on. There may be some exceptions to this, and we would be happy to discuss individual circumstances if they come up in the future. 

If I am unsuccessful, can I try again in the next round? 

No, you can only apply for one of the two rounds of JNWF you are eligible for.  

If I am unsuccessful, can I get feedback on my application? 

Yes, all unsuccessful applicants can request feedback within two weeks of the outcome.  

Why is the JNWF not open to everyone?

Jerwood New Work Fund is part of a transition to using Jerwood Arts’ limited resources more effectively.  

Over the past few years the demand for Jerwood Arts’ bursaries, grants, awards, commissions and fellowships has been enormous. Between summer 2020 and winter 2021, we received 4,405 applications in response to our calls for entries and selected 131 individuals – a success rate of less than 3%.  We have said previously that this level of competition is unhealthy for both applicants, the sector and Jerwood Arts. The labour and disappointment of application making is debilitating and there is not enough care for individuals embedded in funding processes. 

As part of our transition to a more sustainable approach, we are closing our gallery in London at the end of 2022 and all our exhibitions and events will be delivered in partnership with galleries across the UK from 2023 onwards. At the same time, our funding for organisations is now only for dedicated programmes to support early-career artists, which we expect to create around 100 opportunities for individuals each year. These will be our main ‘front door’ for everyone alongside our discipline-specific awards and fellowships, and the JNWF will be the next step on the pathway of support we can provide. 

You are part of a cohort of 260 artists, curators and producers from across art forms who continued to push your practice through the most challenging of times. You will have received support from us directly or indirectly through opportunities we or our partners have run since early 2020. Incredibly, we haven’t run the same fund twice in this period, working collaboratively and responding to the pandemic in new and imaginative ways. 

Reflecting on what we have learnt from our work and the calls for change across the sector, we are now transitioning to a more sustainable approach. For you, this will mean higher success rates, less wasted labour and disappointment, and more support for application making and engaged relationships.  

In December we’ll be saying more about our plans for 2023 and beyond, so if you aren’t already, please sign up to our newsletter here.