Jerwood New Work Fund Application Guidance

  • Grant range: £2,500-£10,000

  • Status: Open for applications

  • Deadline: 12pm, Monday 7 November 2022





What is the Jerwood New Work Fund (JNWF) for?

The JNWF is a new fund from Jerwood Arts offering project grants between £2,500 and £10,000. It is designed to bring bold new work to audiences across the UK by funding the final development and presentation of exceptional new projects by outstanding early-career artists, curators and producers. The funded projects will lead to a live or online exhibition, performance, publication or installation by the end of 2024.  

Our aim through this fund is to support a significant next step forward in your career by enabling you to take the lead on a new project. We want you to be bold and take risks to complete exceptional work and connect it with a public audience.  

You will be the artistic lead or co-lead of the project, but it can be produced and realised in any number of ways. For instance, you might be commissioned or programmed by a venue, you might have your own company, or you may be attached to a producing agency or simply self-producing. The fund can cover all of the cash costs of a project, or contribute to a larger budget. What’s important to us is that it enables you to push your practice, do your best work, and ensure that all those involved are paid fairly.   

JNWF is designed as a ‘green light’ fund to get your next project in front of audiences. It’s for projects at a pivotal stage with significant interest from partners and organisations who can make it a reality before the end of 2024.  

Who is the JNWF for? 

The JNWF is by invitation only. We are inviting you as one of the individual early-career artists, curators and producers who have been supported directly or indirectly by Jerwood Arts.  

This is because we believe as a funder we can best identify, nurture and support the most promising early-career artists, curators and producers by creating a pathway of support for your next steps. We want to continue supporting some of the most exciting individuals we have funded recently and give you the opportunity to take a significant step forward in establishing your career. Tell us how you might expand the ideas developed during your Jerwood-supported programme to make them bigger or better for wider public engagement, or how you are ready to develop and share something new. 

If you have been Jerwood-supported as a collective/collaboration or artistic group previously you can apply as a collective/collaboration or artistic group, or as an individual if you are now pursuing an independent artistic practice.

How big is the JNWF? 

In this first round, we are inviting over 200 individuals to apply. We expect to make between 20 and 50 grants of between £2,500 and £10,000.  

There will be another round for this fund in spring 2023, so apply then if that timing suits your project better. You are eligible to apply for either of these rounds. 

Important Dates

Application portal opens  

28 September 2022 

Deadline for your application; portal closes 

12pm, 7 November 2022 

Grants confirmed to successful applicants 

30 November 2022 

Deadline for you to request written feedback 

12 December 2022 

Written feedback received  

By 31 January 2023 

How much can be applied for? 

You can apply for a grant of between £2,500 and £10,000 towards the final stages of development and presentation of a new work.  

What does my project need to include? 

  • It will be developed primarily in the UK and have at least one public outcome in the UK. 
  • It will be led or co-led by you (the person invited to make the application). If you’re a producer or curator, you will be the co-lead. 
  • It will have significant interest from at least one organisation willing and able to support the final development stages and bring it to audiences.  
  • It will push the boundaries of your artistic development. 
  • It will already be researched, workshopped, or tested in some way. 
  • It will explain how it will enable you to take a significant step forward in your career.  
  • It will include evidence of your experience of delivering new work to high standards.  
  • It will consider equity, inclusion and access throughout, including how it will support the wellbeing and safeguarding of those involved. 
  • It will consider its environmental impact, and propose how to mitigate it. 
  • It will have a clear plan and timeline through to public presentation.  
  • It will have a clear budget, including fair pay for everyone involved. 

What is excluded, or unlikely to receive funding? 

  • Project ideas that only focus on research and development – there must be some sort of public engagement. 
  • Any projects and/or artist/s based outside the UK. 
  • JNWF cannot support any remaking or remounting of existing work that has already had a significant public presentation.

What should be included (or excluded) in the budget? 

We know budgets change a lot but for your application, we need a realistic summary of the overall finances, listing all you need to make your project a success.  

While you must be the lead or co-lead of your project it can be produced and realised in any number of ways. If you project is being produced by someone else, we’ll ask you to tell us who will be managing the budget in the application form 

We need to see a clear presentation of any income and expenditure, so your expenditure should be matched by the funds you already have or those you are aiming to secure (such as the JNWF).  

There needs to be at least two sources of income shown in your budget. To demonstrate ‘significant interest’ from an organisation, we expect to see some meaningful cash and/or in-kind support from them.  

JNWF can cover up to 100% of cash costs of realising your project or contribute to a larger budget. There is no limit to the total size of the budget.  

Other sources of funding, fees and/or financial support do not need to be confirmed when you apply, just list the ones you hope to receive. If the JNWF grant is the first funding you secure, we will wait to release the grant until enough other funding is confirmed to make your project possible. 

Please show the following in your balanced budget: 
  • The amount of grant you need from Jerwood Arts between £2,500 and £10,000. 
  • Other sources of cash income confirmed, to be raised from other funding sources, partners or arts organisations, or to be earned (for instance, through ticket sales). 
  • Any in-kind funding you have secured or expect to secure.  
  • Fair fees for yourself and other people involved. 
  • Any other costs, for instance: 
    • Material and production costs 
    • Hire of spaces and equipment 
    • Marketing and overhead costs 
  • The cost of making the project accessible for all those involved, and to support appropriate care and safeguarding.  
  • A reasonable contingency to cover unexpected costs.  

Please do not include personal funds in your project income. Your budget should include fair pay for everyone involved, including you.  

What application advice and support is available? 

We want to make all our opportunities accessible and the application experience straightforward, transparent and friendly. We welcome and encourage all applicants, especially from those facing barriers.  

You don’t need to contact us before making an application but if you want to discuss anything, please take advantage of the support listed here:  

Send us an email: simply send any questions to Kaya La Bonté-Hurst at and we’ll aim to respond within three working days.  
Drop in on Zoom: we have three group sessions this autumn when we’ll go some of the frequently asked questions about how to apply, eligibility and further support. You can book the following dates through links below. 
Join an advice session: you can speak with one of the team for a ten-minute advice session before applying. We won’t read draft applications, but we can respond to specific questions or ideas. You can book an advice session by emailing with the questions you would like to discuss and your phone number. We’ll aim to respond within three days with a choice of times and dates for your advice session.
Get some budgeting support: we recommend these organisations if you need advice on income and expenditure planning. 

What access support is available? 

On the JNWF Project Page you can access the application form and guidance in the accessible formats as shown. The Word application form is provided to help you draft your answers offline before submitting through the online application portal. We recommend you keep a copy of this for your own records.  

  • Access Support Worker: we can contribute up to £200 for an Access Support Worker if you need one. Please email or call 07702 328 595 at least one working week before the deadline to discuss how we can help. 
  • Video/Audio Application: you can submit a written, audio or video application through our online application process. The questions are the same for each format. We do not assess writing style in written applications or the production quality of audio or video recordings. 

How does the selection process work? 

Your application to our JNWF will be read by at least one Jerwood Arts staff member and a paid Artist Adviser. They will check the project is something we can support and will assess the application using the following criteria and evidence. These are just examples of the sorts of evidence we’d look out for, you don’t need to have all the examples: 

Is this project an exciting new work that enables the applicant to significantly develop their practice? 


  • The project clearly builds on what the applicant did during their Jerwood-supported programme/award/fellowship/grant  


  • It uses new skills and/or recent experience 


  • It is bigger or otherwise different, or new in scale 
Does the opportunity to make and present the new work represent a significant step forward in the applicant’s career?  


  • The project is expected to reach more people  


  • It requires a bigger stage/larger space/higher-profile venue 


  • It may be (co-)commissioned by an established arts organisation/s with a reputation for high quality work 


  • It is likely to attract local and/or national press 
Does the applicant have the experience and potential to deliver the new work to the highest standards? 
  • There is a clear link to recent projects/experience on a Jerwood-supported programme/award/fellowship/grant  


  • Those involved have a good track record of relevant experience 


  • There is a clear sense of ambition and growth (though nothing overwhelming) 
Is the project at the right stage for us to have confidence it will be successfully realised within 24 months? 
  • The necessary partners are on board or close to agreement and there is a letter of support from one or more of them 


  • The plan includes producing support or there is a track record of self-producing 


  • There has been research and development already undertaken (this might have been on a Jerwood-supported programme/award/fellowship/grant) 


  • Other funding feels realistic/achievable 


We’ll gather all the assessments and create a shortlist of around 50 applications with the highest scores against the criteria.  

The final selection meeting will be chaired by Lilli Geissendorfer (Jerwood Arts Director) and include at least three Artist Advisers, Jon Opie (Jerwood Arts Deputy Director) and Kaya La Bonté-Hurst (Jerwood Arts Project Manager).  

We will ensure our selection panel is diverse with representation of individuals from the global majority and expertise in multiple artforms. All of the assessors we work with are trained in unconscious bias.  

As this fund is invite-only, we will be focusing on providing the best possible care and support to applicants throughout the process, and ensuring our decision making is fair and uses positive action.   

We are committed to access and inclusion across all our work to maximise the diversity of applicants and those selected for all our funds and programmes. As part of this, we support and encourage organisations to tackle under-representation of people with marginalised backgrounds through the programmes we fund.  

We offer all unsuccessful applicants written feedback on request. 

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