Athenoula Bartley's video application

Athenoula Bartley is a performance artist, theatre-maker and producer. She started a new role with Duckie this year as a Junior Producer, supported by the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries programme.

Prior to taking up this role, Athenoula was an Outreach Assistant at York Theatre Royal, and a member of the performance collective Tit4Tat.

Duckie describe themselves as an arts enterprise and homo-social honky-tonk that brings arts and performance clubs to extraordinary populations. The company combines queer clubbing and quirky performance art shows with a portfolio of culture clubs for groups sharing an identity, problem or situation. Athenoula's DIY approach as a theatremaker has equipped her with a range of skills to support Duckie's programme, including Duckie Saturday Nights and The Posh Club.

Athenoula chose to submit a video application for this role, which you can watch here.