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Hamsafar, Mina Heydari-Waite. Featured: Sara Lily Heydari-Waite Image: Emma Finn

Jerwood New Work Fund

What is it?

First run in 2019, the Jerwood New Work Fund offers funding for artists, artistic groups and artist-led organisations to undertake the research, development and creation of new work to enable a step-change in their practice and profile.

It provides support for the research, development, creation, production and dissemination of new work, with a focus on developing artistic practice.

It aims to advance artistic practice by encouraging applicants to investigate the creative process and take risks that lead to the development of unique new works destined to connect with a public audience.

This fund is focused on the initial creation process, but can support the full artistic cycle from the initial idea through to presentation. As with all our work, the priority is to support artists’, curators’ and/or producers’ professional development, so we expect all proposals to demonstrate a significant step-change in your practice and/or career growth. At the point of application, you should have clear objectives for what you want to achieve with Jerwood Arts funding, but you may not yet know what the final outcome is, such as where and when the work will be presented.

We particularly welcome applications for:

  • innovative research and development processes
  • diverse cross-art form investigations
  • new collaborations and/or cross-art form partnerships
  • new work on a new scale for the applicant(s)
  • new work outside institutional contexts
  • new work that challenges existing practices

We look forward to being surprised and challenged.

Jerwood New Work Fund 2019 selected projects:

Heather Agyepong; Kat Anderson; Rhiannon Armstrong; JJ Bibby; Phoebe Davies; Ian Giles; Gwen Hales; Mina Heydari-Waite; Idle Women (Rachel Anderson and Cis O’Boyle); Sabba Khan; Lanre Malaolu; Alice Malseed; Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome; Rebecca Solomon; and Laura Wilson.

Full details of their work can be found here.

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Our Principles

We continue to evaluate and improve this fund, and we are keen to hear feedback of all kinds. Please share your comments at