Artist Advisers

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Our mission is to discover, develop and promote the most outstanding early-career artists, curators and producers, and we would love you to be part of our next step as we work to be more open, accessible and inclusive across our work.


The role

We would like you to be an ambassador for Jerwood Arts’ work across the arts. This would involve:

  • Participating in assessment and selection panels to choose beneficiary artists and organisations, for our awards, bursaries and grants;
  • Helping promote and represent our funding opportunities, enabling us to reach and encourage artists from all backgrounds from across the UK, especially those who may not normally consider applying for funding or support;
  • Providing specific art form or discipline expertise;
  • Challenging us to think differently and question our assumptions.

The Artist Advisers are a crucial element in helping us to become a more transparent funder. Therefore, we want to list our Artist Advisers on our website (with your permission) and publicly state who has been involved at the selection stages of our decision making.





We are a charity, so the role of Artist Adviser is non-executive and unremunerated, except for the reimbursement of travel expenses and payment for specific duties as follows:

  • Assessment: We pay £21.50 per hour (£150 per day) for reading applications. We offer an hour of preparation/administration time for each assessment assignment and then estimate that five applications per hour can be read. Therefore, if we give an Artist Adviser thirty applications to read, they will receive £150.
  • Selection: we pay £150 for each day of preparation and £250 for the selection day. If the Artist Adviser is travelling to Jerwood Arts’ offices from outside London, we will pay for their travel costs and (if required) accommodation.
  • Attending roundtable or research-based meeting: £75 per half day.
  • Attend work on our behalf: travel and ticket expenses.

All fees are inclusive of taxes and expenses, unless agreed in advance. We want a representation from across the UK and we are happy to cover reasonable travel costs to enable this. For each assignment, we will ask you to agree to a confidentiality statement to protect the artists’ intellectual property and personal data.


Time commitment

Artistic Advisers might expect to be asked to:

  • Promote our funding opportunities to your networks and encourage potential applicants
  • shortlist for application no more than three times a year (a total estimated time commitment of up to 6 days)
  • be part of selection panel once a year (a total estimated time commitment of up to 3 days)
  • attend one research-focused meeting per year

You will also be kept informed about our work and invited to our exhibitions and events at Jerwood Space and on tour nationally.

We will also ask you to familiarise yourself with our core work, sign up to our newsletter and share Jerwood Arts’ opportunities with your own networks. While we would like you to advocate for the work of Jerwood Arts, we will not expect you to offer specific advice to artists around our funding and opportunities. Any queries relating to the specifics of our work should be directed to Jerwood Arts staff. We will be delighted to hear more about what you are working on, and champion your work wherever possible.


Funding Relationship with Jerwood Arts

Most of our Artist Advisers are beyond the first ten years of establishing their artistic practice and not eligible for our funds. Those who are, are free to apply, but would not be able to take part in selection process for that fund if they made an application. We do not privilege Artist Advisers within selection processes.


Jerwood Arts Funding 2020

Full details about our funding opportunities can be read here.


Length of appointment

The appointment will be for a term of up to 2 years, and is anticipated to start in February 2020.



Most activity where the Artist Advisers will need to join us in person will be held at Jerwood Space, London. Reading and assessment activity can be undertaken remotely.


Conflict of interest

We are aware that as a practicing artist or someone working in the arts sector, conflicts of interest are highly likely. If you have a close relationship with any applicant, or would benefit if a grant was made to them, we would ask that you let us know in advance of assessing their application so we can reallocate it. If you wish to apply for an opportunity that we fund, you will let us know in advance and you may be asked to step down as an Artist Adviser. Jerwood Arts has a Conflicts of Interest policy which we will share with you once you sign up to be an Artist Adviser.


Equality, access and inclusion

We are committed to improving equality, access and inclusion across the arts through our funding. To this end, we aim to have a diverse mix of expertise, skills and backgrounds amongst the members of our Artist Advisers. You can read more about our commitment here.


To be confirmed as an Artist Adviser

To confirm your interest, please complete this this online form.

If you have any queries about any aspect of the above, need additional information or wish to have an informal and confidential discussion, please call / email Sarah Gibbon, Project Manager on [email protected] or 020 7261 0279.