Our Funding

Jerwood Arts is the leading independent funder dedicated to supporting outstanding UK artists, curators and producers to develop and thrive. We collaborate with organisations across art forms to imagine a more sustainable sector. Our programmes provide transformative opportunities for early-career individuals through awards, fellowships and commissions, and we present exhibitions in our gallery in London and on tour nationally.

On this page you can read an introduction to our funding, including our criteria and decision-making process.

For more information, please see What We Do and you might also find it useful to look at our General FAQ.

Introduction to our funding

Our funding provides time and space outside commercial pressures for artistic growth and new ideas to flourish. We want our funding to support the development of under-supported, vibrant and diverse artistic practice across the UK, with a focus on the pursuit of artistic experimentation and excellence. Our beneficiaries are outstanding artists, curators or producers at key moments in their career, usually within the first 10 years of establishing their practice.

We aim to benefit a wide range of artists across UK regions, backgrounds and disciplines. To achieve this we continually review and refresh our funded projects and opportunities. Our overall capacity for funding each year is limited: competition is high and we know some disappointment is inevitable. We will support interested applicants to use our guidance to make sure it is the right opportunity for them or their group or organisation to apply for.

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation and welcome feedback at any time. Please email info@jerwoodarts.org.

Update for 17 March 2020

Rounds of funding and opportunities we had planned to offer in 2020 are now under review pending further government advice around Covid-19, the performance of our investments and sector developments. We will issue further updates in due course.

Awards and Fellowships

These provide transformative development and exhibition opportunities for artists and artistic groups, often delivered in collaboration with arts organisations and/or other funders. These currently include:

Development Programme Fund

For arts organisations to deliver specialist development programmes that identify and support outstanding artists. See here for awarded programmes running through 2020-2021. We hope to offer the next round of the fund in 2021, for programmes with activities starting from January 2022. We aim to announce details of this next round towards the end of 2020.

Jerwood New Work Fund

For artists, artistic groups and artist-led organisations to undertake the research, development and creation of new work that enables a step change in their practice and profile. See here for 2019 awardees.

Jerwood Bursaries

For individual artists, curators and producers to determine their own professional development. See here for details of 2019 awardees. See here for details of 2020

Partnerships and Co-commissions

We collaborate with partners to co-commission artists to make ambitious and significant new works, and work in partnership with other funders and specialist organisations to realise shared missions. These currently include: Activate, SPILL Festival, and PRS Foundations’ Composers’ Fund. These have included: 14-18 NOW, Represent; and Forestry Commission England, Jerwood Open Forest.

Exhibitions and events

We curate and deliver a year-round programme of exhibitions and events in our galleries in London and on tour nationally. These currently include: Jerwood Collaborate!, Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, Jerwood/FVU Awards: ‘Hindsight’, Survey II and Jerwood Makers Open 2019.

Our criteria

All our funding is for individuals, whether it is directly through Bursaries, Awards or Fellowships, or through funded organisations running development programmes.

Across all of these, individuals receiving our support must be:

  • practising artists, curators and/or producers
  • within the first 10 years of starting a professional practice (this can be self-defined – see FAQ for details)
  • willing to be bold and take risks
  • living and working in the UK and committed to making a positive contribution to the UK arts sector
  • outside formal education

Detailed eligibility criteria are set out for each funding opportunity on the relevant page.

We cannot fund:

  • anyone or any project that does not meet the criteria above
  • non-arts activities
  • retrospectively (activity that has happened or will happen before we can make a decision)
  • funding for buildings, core costs and equipment
  • higher education and formal training courses, including course fees, living costs and materials
  • feature films and short films, with the exception of artist film and experimental animation
  • sponsorship of any kind
  • see here for a full list of exclusions

Our decision-making process

We aim to provide you with the right information to help you decide whether our funding opportunities are right for you, to enable you to make the strongest application and to help you prioritise your time. If you have any questions once you have read the guidance, please email us at info@jerwoodarts.org.

All our funding opportunities involve at least a two-stage process of longlisting and shortlisting, followed by either a decision by an expert panel and interviews with applicants, and/or decision at one of four annual board meetings. We also draw on the expertise of independent Artist Advisors to inform our decision making and tailor each process to the funding opportunity. Artist Advisers may in some cases also sit on our expert selection panels, alongside other invited specialists.

The Jerwood Arts team has specialist knowledge in key areas and are involved at different stages of the selection and decision-making process, appropriate to the funding opportunity. Our Trustees make the final decision for the Development Programme Fund, and oversee all Jerwood New Work Fund decisions.

As part of our funding process, we commit to:

  • providing timelines for decision making upfront
  • updating you on the status of your application at key moments and always informing you of the final outcome
  • providing feedback on your application on request