1:1FUND supported 42 pairs of early-career artists to (re-)connect, experiment, and learn from each after the isolating impact of Covid-19. The fund was designed specifically to strengthen existing collaborations and start new ones, and piloted the use of random selection.

The 1:1FUND offered awards of £2,000 for 42 pairs of early-career practitioners (artists, curators and producers) to connect, experiment, learn from each other and share ideas. This fund was designed to offer an injection of support for two practitioners who want to work together. It was used to strengthen existing collaborations, and in some cases to enable new ones to be explored. There was no expectation of a final or fixed outcome. The practitioners selected for the 1:1FUND can be found below.

Jerwood Arts is piloting new approaches to identifying the early-career artists, curators and producers we support, and the 1:1FUND selection was made using a random number generator. This is part of our ongoing effort to remove bias from our selection processes and to explore more sustainable and inclusive approaches for both practitioners and funders. You can learn more about the approach we took and our reasons behind this pilot along with our first insights and reflections on the process in our connected Reflections and Resources below the selected artists. We have also commissioned four texts in response to the fund which you can find in the connected Reflections and Resources too.

We have now published the evaluation of the 1:1FUND which you can read in the connected Reflections and Resources below the selected artists. On the occasion of the evaluation launch on Wed 20 July 2022, we brought together four arts organisations who had explored using random selection in their work which you can watch in the connected Reflections and Resources too.

Jenny Boat and Tolu Oshodi during their BRINK Residency. Image: Andrew Hastings