Artists' Bursary Scheme

Artsadmin is a producing agency aiming to be an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured. Space and time for eight live artists

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The Artsadmin’s Artists’ Bursary Scheme has been running since 1996 and has supported over 200 artists working individually or collaboratively in contemporary performance practices. It offers both a cash bursary and a valuable package of support tailored to each recipient’s creative process, and without expectation that the research must result in a commission or production.

The 2016/17 bursary recipients are: Alicja Rogalska, FK Alexander, Larry Achiampong, Nwando Ebizie, Poppy Jackson, Richard Hards, Sam Curtis, Tim Bromage, and Victoria Gray.

Artsadmin Artist' Bursary Scheme. Blood on the Streets, by jamie lewes-hadley (pictured). Image: Lamar Francois