The Jerwood Choreographic Research Project

The Jerwood Choreographic Research Programme (JCRP) is a unique investment scheme designed to stimulate, and to test new ideas and thinking in choreographic research. It seeks to broaden the understanding and value of choreographic research within the arts and cultural sector. It is a National Dance Network initiative, led and delivered by the Birmingham-based DanceXchange. Supporting new thinking in choreographic practice

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We supported the first JCRP (2013-15) with a £50k grant, which was match funded with an additional £83k contributed by 32 commissioning partners. An open call for research ideas attracted 417 applications from which 12 projects (17 individuals) were selected. Our support for the second edition again goes towards the commissioning pot and a series of events which will run alongside the programme, recognising that creating the time and space for movement research, and offering a critical framework is important for the development of artists and new work.

The selected artists for the first edition were: Alexander Whitley & Marshmallow Laser Feast; Andy Field; Dan Canham; David Harradine; Geraldine Pilgrim; Kate McGrath & Louise Blackwell (Fuel); Luca Silvestrini & Orlando Gough; Paul Evans; Rita Marcalo; Rosemary Lee & Simon Whitehead; Tamsin Fitzgerald; Tim Webb & Kathy Everett.

DanceXchange, Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, Of Riders and Running Horses by Dan Canham. Pictured: Tilly Webber. Image: Paul Blakemore