Flatpack Film Festival

Wave Form

Flatpack Film Festival takes over venues across Birmingham each spring, drawing people from across the UK with a mixture of films, performances, and event based work. The annual event grew out of the activity of 7 Inch Cinema, originally a mixed-media filmnight held at the Rainbow pub in Digbeth. This grew to embrace inflatable cinema-tents, archive detective-work and DVD compilations. Now 10 years on it continues to produce projects and provide guest programming for others throughout the year. Recent collaborators include Home of Metal, Green Man Festival, First Light, Birmingham International Dance Festival and the Independent Cinema Office. An artist development programme as part of Flatpack Film Festival for artists working with sounds and image

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Our support goes towards a new artist development strand of the festival for artists working with sound and image. 10 artists selected through a national open call will undertake a visit to the festival in 2018 and attend further professional development sessions in the months that follow, with two of the artists receiving full scale commissions for work to be shown at Flatpack Film Festival in  2019.

The selected artists for 2018/2019 are Daniel Cockburn, Emily Scaife, Giant Axe Field, Jessica Ashman, Laura Hindmarsh, Laura Irving, Laura Spark & Jonathan Hering, Matt Watkins, Natalie Sharp and Cloud Cuckoo Land.



Flatpack Festival, Time and Motion. Image: Greg Milner