I Like It. What Is It?


What’s your boomerang idea? The one that won’t leave you alone, that you believe in but haven’t been given the opportunity to properly explore?

I Like It. What Is It? is a new residency programme for four artists or companies working in radical live performance, taking place across two years. The residency prioritises care, slow-working and play. Artists will be encouraged to explore ideas that feel challenging, elusive, or difficult without being beholden to production schedules. There’s no restriction on form or theme. It’s time to play again.

I Like It, What Is It? is an attempt to move away from what sometimes feels like an insatiable industry appetite for the zeitgeist. We want artists to be able to slow down, to remember.

“This funding will enable us to support early-career artists in a distinct way that prioritises care and curiosity, removing the pressure to produce in favour of a spaciousness in which extraordinary ideas can breathe. It’s about wholeheartedly backing irresistible ideas, and nurturing a diverse and non-hierarchical system to support them.” – Kate Yedigaroff, Co-director of MAYK.

Opening for applications: January 2023

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polyphony by Verity Standen. Photographer Paul Blakemore