Jerwood 🖤 SII

Hofesh Shechter Company

Jerwood 🖤 SII is a new development opportunity which runs alongside the Shechter II 2024 Performance and Development Programme.

Shechter II’s 12-month Performance and Development Programme includes a six-week creation process, and a UK and international mid-scale sustainable tour with community and outreach delivery. This new development opportunity will offer a rolling programme of discovery for the selected dancers including: studio time with another choreographer; a fund for dancers to explore specific research ideas; dedicated time with a dance scientist; teaching skills development; skills in self-promotion, and preparation for the transition to a professional career.

Evelien Jansen, Shechter II 2020, said:

“From the start Shechter II felt like coming home. In this professional setting I learned a lot about my body and its possibilities. Besides this, it created great new opportunities in the field! I feel very blessed to have had this experience.”

Lilli Geissendorfer, Director, Jerwood Arts, said:

“Jerwood Arts is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of extraordinary artists, creating the conditions for them to develop and thrive. We’re delighted to be able to contribute a valuable new addition to the Shechter II 2024 programme and provide funding for the selected cohort to find their voice and their feet through 12-months of specialist support and encouragement in all areas of their practice.”

Jerwood 🖤 SII  is supported by Jerwood Developing Artists Fund. Find out more about the programme on the Hofesh Shechter website.

Open for applications: Applications to apply are open from 15 May until 12 June, 12 noon. Apply now through the Hofesh Shechter website.