Jerwood Artists Platform: Alan Currell

Alan Currell

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New and recent work by Glasgow-based artist Alan Currall, in this his first solo exhibition in London. Alan Currall’s work explores our complex belief systems, and his works for this exhibition illustrate human vulnerability and fallibility, despite their humorous overtones, using non-professional actors, hand-operated camera techniques and everyday locations.

His works for this exhibition appear in a variety of formats, from an intimate single monitor confessional to camera to a lifesize video projection where Currall deludes both himself and the viewer by, at first sight, apparently systematically barricading himself into his studio.

Shown for the first time in London, Currall’s recent CDROM, Encyclopaedia*, is the culmination of a year’s quest to locate family and friends as well as more recent providers of invaluable advice to create an authoritative, yet obviously flawed, repository for the accumulated wisdom of these self-confessed non-experts.This web of dis/information seeks to question the reliability of literal meaning and creates a self-portrait of the artist and his cultural identity.

Allan Curall, Pretending To Live in A Safer World, 2002. Image: courtesy of the artist