Jerwood Artists Platform: Brighid Lowe

Brighid Lowe

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

A significant body of new and represented work by Brighid Lowe in a variety of media, from photography to installation.

In the centre of the two galleries, an elliptical shelf, lined with battered secondhand books, circumscribes the joining wall. An eclectic mix of populist, mass-consumption thrillers, worn-out horror books, self-help manuals and evangelical paperbacks, the books have been ordered to construct a continuous text. Chosen primarily for their covers rather than their titles, the books uncannily line up to create a meditation on the infinity of love.

In Citizens of Spam Brighid Lowe presents another of her collections, this time in the form of a 16-metre long text piece creating a seemingly endless stream of names. A memorial to the originators of the thousands of spam emails that have infiltrated her computer over the last 12 months. The work visually reinforces the sense of bombardment that the web can create.

In stark contrast to this wall of names, she juxtaposes a sea of faceless people. Reminiscent of earlier layered photographic works, where a cut-out section of the top image revealed the scene beneath, here the cut out eyes and mouths reveal only the blankness of the wall behind. Wall to wall, and towering into the eaves, the work fills the space with a seemingly innocent mass of ‘smiley’ faces that soon reveal a ghoul-like underside.

Installation view- Brighid Lowe, Citizens of Spam, 2004. Image: Jerwood Visual Arts