Jerwood Artists Platform: Jaime Gili

Jaime Gili

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Jaime Gili’s first major London solo exhibition combined site-specific wall drawing with conventionally hung paintings overlapped by propped canvases to explosive effect. Spreading throughout the two galleries, Gili’s installation of paintings, RUPT, includes references to both speed and repetition.

Also on exhibition is a new photographic series of work, Multinational Anthem. Appearing, at first, as an enthusiast’s snapshots of the rear ends of cars, closer inspection reveals the purposeful juxtaposition of patriotic flags with corporate logos reflecting, among other things, the artist’s questioning of the un/importance of his own nationalities.

Installation view- Jaime Gili, Rupt, 2003. Image: Jerwood Visual Arts